• This fall, scholars in grades 1-8 will be taking the iReady test at home during their asynchronous learning time. They will explain how to log-in, what to expect, and the importance of not getting help when answering questions. They will also help virtually monitor scholars to make sure they aren’t going too fast or too slow and providing breaks if necessary.

    What do families need to know?

    1. Scholars need to do this with no help

    2. Scholars are expected to get some questions wrong- this is how we know what they can do by themselves and what they need to practice.

    3. No grades are given, but this informs teachers for best ways to support your child’s learning

    4. Results help determine which online lessons they are given.

    How does my child take the test? 

    Teachers will proctor this test and will support logging in and getting started.

    If there are technical issues when logging in, use the Technical and Troubleshooting Guides for Families or call FWPS HelpDesk: https://i-readycentral.com/download/?res=29827&view_pdf=1  or HelpDesk: 253-945-2111


    Below is a checklist to help you know you are ready for testing:


    Get Organized:

    o Find a quiet space for your child to take the test

    o Make sure you know how to log-in

    o Test your device. You can use the Technical and Troubleshooting Guide for Families if you need help: https://i-readycentral.com/download/?res=29827&view_pdf=1

    Motivate Your Child:

    o Explain why they are taking this test

    o Explain that you cannot help

    o Be positive and celebrate their hard work!

    Confirm Completion and Celebrate:

    o Make sure that your child finishes the test.

    o Review the results and set goals for next time.


    The iReady Testing at Home guide is available in nine languages.