Crowd-sourcing for the 2020-2021 Yearbook

  • We will be producing a yearbook this year, but it will be completely different from yearbooks in the past.  This year's book will be a "chronological" book with the content arranged seasonally.  With the year starting out with remote learning, we need your help.

    We have four ways for you to share your pictures, creative writing, or artwork:

    1)  E-mail your submissions to Be sure to include who is in the photo, what they are doing, and the name of the photographer.

    2)  FWPA students can send in submissions via this Google form using their school Google account.

    3)  Photos can be uploaded directly to Balfour ImageShare.  This is a free app that can be found in your app store.  Our project number is: 129244

    4) Go to  Our project number is 129244, no upload code required.

    You may submit as many pictures as you like.   All submissions will be considered, but not all submissions will make it into the yearbook.  We will select content for the yearbook based on the quality of the work, our needs, and the appropriateness for a school publication.


    To begin the year we need photos, artwork and/or creative writing with the following themes:

    • Summer Fun

    • First Day of School

    • Home Work Spaces, be sure to include student(s) in the photo

    • How I Spent My time in Lockdown/Quarantine

    • Hobbies, sports and other interests outside of school

    • Pets, be sure to include student(s) in the photo


    The yearbook students posted a survey about a variety of topics and are currently working on modules related to those topics. The topics include: summer travels, hobbies, reading, gaming, social media, shopping, cooking, restaurants/fast food, movies/television, blogs/vlogs/podcasts.  If you have information, pictures, or other ideas that might useful for the yearbook, please send them to

    Students can access the survey here.