Summer Office Hours - Wednesday from 9 am to 1 pm.  Offices resume regular hours (7 am to 2:30 pm ) on August 5, 2019


    Eagle Days - August 21 (11 am to 6 pm) and August 22 (8 am to 12 pm)



















    Eagle Vision - Eagle Vision is an after school study/tutoring session led by Americorps Volunteers.  Eagle Vision meets Monday through Thursday (except Wednesdays with early release) from 2:15 pm to 3:45 pm.

    Anime/Manga Club - Mr. Drewry, Room 3435

    Asian American Club - Ms. Jolley, Room 2624

    ASL Club - Ms. Hundrup & Ms. Redmond, Room 3525

    BFF Club - Ms. Barnash, Room 1532

    Black Student Union - Ms. Ashe, Room 1422

    Book Club - Mr. Powers & Mr. Whipple, Room 2423

    Chess Club - Mr. Drewry, Room 3435

    DECA/Student Store - Mr. Green, Room 1308

    ELL Homework Help - Mr. McMichael, Room 3302

    FBLA - Bob Hankinson, Room 2622

    French Club - Ms. Eyler, Room 3523

    French Honor Society - Ms. Eyler, Room 3523

    Fuerte - Ms. Weberg, Room 3437

    Gamers Club - Mr. Whipple, Room 2423

    GSA - TBA

    Honor Society - Mr. Pinon, Room 1504

    Interact Club - Ms. Jolley, Room 2624

    Key Club - Ms. Hamilton, Room 3629

    Latino Club - Ms. Ashe, Room 1422

    LIFT Club - Mr. Victorin, Room 2523

    Mariachi Club - Mr. Guzman, Room 2405

    Muslim Student Assoc - Ms. Bertram, Room 2625

    Photo Club - Ms. Bell, Room 2505

    PI Club - Mane Tuianna

    Poetry Club - Mr. Powers, Room 2427

    Powerful Women’s Club - TBA

    Robotics Club - Mr. Stevens, Room 2524

    ROTC - Major Golemboski, Room 1035

    Russian/Ukrainian/ & World Club - Ms. Pavlyuk, Room 3303

    Speech & Debate - TBA

    Trading Card Game - Mr. Austin

    Unitee - Ms. Ashe

    We Act - TBA

    Weight room/Conditioning - Mr. Bruce

    World Club - Ms. Pavlyuk, Rm 3303

    Yearbook - Rene Recato, Room 2508

    Young Democrats - Steve Austin

    Young Docs - Sue Clark

    College & Career

    Contact Ms. Osorio for information at 253-945-5417 or email cosorio@fwps.org.

    Closed Campus

    Eagles, just a friendly reminder that we have a closed campus.  That means you cannot leave campus for lunch, even with a pass!  In addition, the following areas are off limits during lunchtime:  All parking lots, Memorial Field, Tennis Courts, Softball Field and Baseball Field.


    Students, to be able to park your car on school property please go to the Main Office to purchase a student parking pass. You must bring with you: $20 for the fee, valid driver’s license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration and a signed parking pass form (available in the Main Office). Parking lots are "off limits" to students during the school day.  If you need to access your car during the day you need to have a pass from the Main Office.