School Profile

School Information

  • Address: 2450 S Star Lake Rd

                   Federal Way, WA 98003

    Phone: (253)945-3100


    Fax:  (253) 945-3131

    Principal: Tess Johnson

    Assistant Principal: Andrew Lurker

    Counseling: Kerri Godina

    Grades: K-5

    Year School was Built: 1968

School Mission Statement

  • Believe…Achieve…Succeed! Mark Twain’s entire staff is committed to our beliefs: “Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible”. With this commitment, we provide outstanding education for each student.

Our School Goals

  • Our school goals align with the district strategic plan:

    Our School Goals

    Our school goals align with the district strategic plan: 

    Goal 1- The Early Years: Building the Foundation

    Pride Points

    • 100% of our scholars are engaged in targeted, personalized reading instruction through the Independent Reading Level Assessment (IRLA) program
    • Teachers engage in data-driven inquiry around scholar achievement and growth and utilize research-based instructional best practices to accelerate scholar learning

    Area of Focus

    • High quality teaching and learning with a focus on culturally responsive instruction that supports the development and acquisition of academic language

    Goal 2- Whole Child: Thriving, Confident, Responsible Individuals

    Pride Points

    • We are Bullfrogs at Mark Twain and celebrate being safe, respectful, and responsible through our school-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) system
    • We maintain a school-wide focus on developing culturally competent educators through effective professional development rooted in racial equity  

    Area of Focus

    • School-wide PBIS system focusing on being safe, respectful, and responsible across the school in all areas and with all individuals


Community Involvement

  • Community Involvement

    Mark Twain values the partnerships that are in place with parents and community. A few of the activities that support the partnership are Principal/Parent Zoom meetings, Family Math and Literacy Nights, our Championship Track Team, Cultural Celebrations, Weekly Family Bulletins, PTA and Student-Led Conferences (SLCs).

School Improvement Plan and Score Cards

Clubs and Events


  • View Mark Twain's athletic program here: Click here

    Check out or contact our school for a current list of available athletics teams.


School Data

  • You can find data for all schools on Washington’s Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s website including scholar demographics, teacher information, free and reduced lunch rate, school funding and financial resources, and assessment data at Washington State Report Card

    Enter Mark Twain Elementary for Federal Way School District where it states, “I want to see data for a school or school district.” Once in the Mark Twain report card, click “View Summary PDF.”:  



  • Updated: 01/22/21