School Profile

School Information

  • Address: 34620 9th Ave S Federal Way, WA 98003

    Phone: 253-945-3270


    Fax: 253-945-3399

    Principal: Kurt Lauer

    Grades: 6th – 10th

    Year School was Built: 1999

School Mission Statement

  • Federal Way Public Academy is a college preparatory school that families and students choose to attend. The school’s program emphasizes a challenging ‘traditional’ academic curriculum for every student in every subject. The Public academy prepares students for rigorous, academic instruction in order to prepare them for their college experiences.

Our School Goals

  • Our school goals aligned with the district strategic plan:

    Goal 2 - Whole Child: Thriving, Confident, Responsible Individuals.

    Goal 5- Persistence to Graduation: High School Graduation Through Successful Transitions


Community Involvement

  • FWPA values input and participation from parents. Though we have the scheduled Student led Conferences, at FWPA we like to say that every day can be a conference day. We encourage parents to speak to their child's teachers on a regular basis. In addition to our on-going communication, FWPA has an active parent Booster Club, where families can share ideas, take part in school fundraisers and help build and sustain a healthy school environment.

School Improvement Plan and Score Cards



School Data

  • You can find the following data for all schools on Washington’s Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s website including scholar demographics, teacher information, free and reduced lunch rate, school funding and financial resources, and assessment data at

    Also, check out the FWPS Data Dashboard on our website: and click on the “Data Dashboard” icon at the top of the page.

  • Updated: 10/23/2018