What makes Adelaide special?

  • Both staff and parents at Adelaide consider children to be at the heart of everything they do. The school’s mission is "teaching the mind by encouraging the heart."  Adelaide staff members continually receive training to stay current with educational trends, state and district goals, and the school’s current learning plan. This training focuses on using best practices, improving basic skills, and analyzing student data to determine appropriate instruction.

    Adelaide has implemented cooperative groupings, team instruction, and team planning to capitalize on the expertise of each staff member and to maximize individual student learning. The Accelerated Reader Program supplements basic reading instruction. Looping classrooms strengthen learning opportunities for many students.  Superior staff and excellent community support make Adelaide an outstanding school.

    The diverse student population at this school provides everyone with an awareness and appreciation for all cultures. Adelaide staff sets high standards of achievement for both students and themselves and firmly believes that all students can be successful.  Students with special talents, those who are at-risk, those who are working at grade level, and those who have special needs all share classroom space at Adelaide. All are pursuing excellence in language, music, PE, science, math, computers, and social studies. The staff considers this a professional challenge, and they are eager to develop and implement the skills and techniques needed to accommodate this diversity.

    Adelaide’s School Leadership Team, composed of staff, parents, and community members, makes sure the school complies with state and district standards. Adelaide’s learning plan is developed and monitored by the School Leadership Team (SLT). Anyone interested in serving on the SLT can call Michelle Frank at 253-945-2300. Adelaide is looking for others who believe in teaching the mind by encouraging the heart.