• Breakfast begins at 8:40. Students eating breakfast go directly to the gymnasium. Students who are not eating breakfast line up outside based on their grade level.  During rainy days, students will enter the building and read quietly in the hallways by their teacher's door.

    School Start Time:

    First Bell: 9:05 a.m.

    Second Bell (tardy bell):  9:10 a.m. -Students who arrive after this time must sign-in at the office with their parent and take a tardy slip to class.

    Lunch count is taken right away. If your child has a morning appointment or you are running late, please call the office or teacher to notify them of your late arrival and lunch choice. Please plan to bring a cold lunch, if you forget to call. This ensures that all students who have ordered lunch receive a lunch.

    School End Time:

    Dissmissal Bell:  3:40 p.m. 

    Early Release Time:

    On Wednesdays when we have early release, our dismissal time will be 2:10.