Administrative Policies & Procedures

  • Under Policy Governance®, within the directives and limitation listed above, the Board delegates the development and implementation of Administrative Policies and procedures to the Superintendent and staff, except in regard to issues for which they are mandated by law to take direct action.


    Policy Series


    Strategic Planning
    Policies pertaining to strategic planning and continuous improvement.


    Policy Series


    Board of Directors
    Policies pertaining to board election, officers, terms of office, and meetings, with references to board policies above which now govern these topics.


    Policy Series


    Policies pertaining to curriculum, instructional programs and supports, and requirements.


    Policy Series


    Policies pertaining to student conduct, rights, responsibilities, and welfare.


    Policy Series


    Community Relations
    Policies pertaining to the interactions between the District, its schools, and the community – including; access to facilities, students, staff, and public records.


    Policy Series


    Human Resources
    Policies pertaining to hiring and employment, and the rights and responsibilities of staff.


    Policy Series


    Administration and Management Support
    Policies pertaining to financial planning and management, school property and capital projects, and noninstructional operations such as – transportation, maintenance, and food services.



    View Title 28A RCW Common School Provisions


    In September of 2012, a comprehensive review and revision of all District policies and procedures was completed. This included the renumbering of many policies to more closely align with the Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA) sample policies. To access a detailed map of these number changes, click here.


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