2017 Bond Resolution

  • On June 13, 2017, the Federal Way Public Schools Board of Directors unanimously approved a new and modernized facilities bond resolution for the November 7, 2017 ballot. The bond proposition does not include a tax increase.

    The proposition will address aging and deteriorating facilities, address overcrowding, and enhance safety. The proposition was recommended to the superintendent by a 100 member committee of parents and community members and was based on objective criteria to assess building conditions and learning environment assessments performed by third party experts.

    The proposition expands, rebuilds or modernizes Thomas Jefferson High School, Totem Middle School, Illahee Middle School, Lake Grove Elementary, Mirror Lake Elementary, Star Lake Elementary, and Wildwood Elementary, as well as Memorial Stadium. The proposition will enhance safety at all sites, and will convert the old central kitchen into a central warehouse.

    A successful bond package will benefit all schools with School Construction Assistant Program (SCAP) funding to address major maintenance needs, provides security enhancements and relocate Mark Twain Elementary. The ballot proposition is a $450 million investment resulting in no tax increase.

    Documents from the June 13 board meeting can be found here:

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