Our Superintendent: Dr. Tammy Campbell

  • A passionate, transformational leader who builds a shared vision and strong collaborative relationships, Dr. Tammy Campbell brings over 18 years of experience as an educator, principal, executive director of teaching and learning, and executive director of instructional programs. Her experience includes a leadership role at University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership, and most recently, assistant superintendent for learning and teaching.

Where it all Began

  • Her upbringing as young girl in the Louisiana Delta convinced her schools are “game changers” for students and communities. That awareness led her to accomplish many firsts in her family including high school valedictorian, first college graduate, and first doctoral student. At every milestone, she would reflect on her journey and the key people who lifted her toward her dreams. She came to realize those who shared her journey without fail were teachers.

    First and foremost an educator, Dr. Campbell is well known by many for her relentless focus and commitment to increasing student achievement and rigor for each and every student. She is skilled in developing systems of support that ensure teachers and principals can do the important work on behalf of students. Modeling a learner’s stance and incorporating principal and teacher voice in the implementation of all major initiatives are essential to successful implementation of these support systems.

    Over the course of her educational career, she has framed her leadership approach so that student results are the focus, staff voice and empowerment are essential, authentic community and family partnerships support efforts, and data coupled with research-based practices are the guide to building systems of support and accountability.

What is Your Vision?

Education and Experience

  • In her most recent role as the Assistant Superintendent for Learning and Teaching in the Renton School District, Dr. Campbell oversaw all learning and teaching functions including curriculum, assessment, special education, instructional technology, Title, LAP, CTE and supervision of schools. Additionally, she led efforts in implementing the new principal and teacher evaluation system, and redefined support of principals to provide coaching for the improvement of instruction.

    Receiving her doctoral degree and superintendent’s certification from Washington State University, Dr. Campbell also holds a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, a principal certification from Eastern Washington University, and a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education from Minot State University in Minot, North Dakota.

    Additionally, she attended the Harvard Institute for Superintendents. She has served as an adjunct professor in the principal and teacher certification programs at Washington State University, Seattle University and Gonzaga University demonstrating her commitment to growing future teacher and principal leaders.

Professional Recognition

  • Dr. Campbell has received multiple awards and professional recognitions as an educational leader over the years.

    Speaking and practitioner engagements include 2012 State Keynote Speaker for ASCD, WERA on The Keys to Implementing Standards Based Grading, and Curriculum Development (ASCD) national conference.

    In 2010, she was the recipient of the WSASCD Educating the Whole Child award. As a principal in Central Valley School District, she received the Principal Instructional Leadership award.

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Moving Forward

  • Dr. Campbell is looking forward to engaging with the many stakeholders that make Federal Way Public Schools a place where rigorous academic programs and increased student achievement are possible for each and every student.

    Every student must have the academic and leadership skills necessary to graduate high school, college- and career-ready. Every opportunity must be made available to students, so they are prepared to follow whatever pathway they choose. This goal shapes Dr. Campbell’s work as superintendent. To achieve that goal, the only acceptable approach can be with an expectation that all staff do their best work for every student, every day.

    The Board of Directors appointed Dr. Tammy Campbell as Superintendent of Federal Way Public Schools at the June 23, 2015, board meeting.