Information Technology Services


  • The Information Technology Services Department provides support to develop a school environment in which all students will have an opportunity to learn, using the essential tools needed to access, analyze and produce information, as a means to support and enrich the curriculum. We will continually support the business of schools by aligning support with ever-changing needs.


  • The roles that define our vision encompass both staff and students. First, allowing students the opportunity to utilize technology as a tool to support the development of optimal literacy. Second, to create a work environment that results in the best use of technology to accomplish necessary tasks.

Information Technology Services Department Goals

  • The ITS department is chartered with implementing and supporting technology within Federal Way Public Schools. Complimenting relevant District goals, as well as those originating from State and Federal agencies, our ITS department proposes the following goals:

    • Robust Infrastructure – to provide a technology infrastructure adequate to support the instructional program and administrative departments.
    • Security & Integrity – to maintain data security and integrity.
    • Improved Technology/Processes – to assist in continuously improving technological, educational and administrative processes.
    • Create a learning environment – that will engage staff and students to learn to use computers for problem solving, presentation and research based projects. Additionally, apply the State’s student standards, to support a learning environment that will create a technologically literate student.
    • Requirements – to satisfy all State and Federal reporting requirements.

Additional Resources

  • Acceptable Use Agreements:

    • Staff AUP
    • Student User Agreement - No longer stand alone as it is embedded in the Student's Rights and Responsibility Handbook

ITS Staff

  • Tim Crawford 

    Executive Director ITS

    (253) 945-2117


    Robyn Rich

    Manager of Client Support Services

    (253) 945-2120


    Email links are provided or call 253-945-2111 to contact any of the ITS personnel.