Welcome to online student registration!

  • We're glad you're here to either enroll your child for the first time, or verify your existing student’s information. (Existing Federal Way Public School families who were enrolled the previous school year need to complete yearly verification of their information for all active FWPS students.)  

    Online registration is open! 

    Parents and guardians are highly encouraged to utilize the multiple online supports to complete online registration before scheduling an appointment for in-person support. These online supports are listed to the right, and include: video tutorials, written instructions, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), group Zoom Q&A and tutorial sessions. 

    How to register your child

    Federal Way Public Schools uses an online system for all student registrations.

    Click here for next steps if you are registering a new or inactive Federal Way Public Schools student for the 2020-21 or the 2021-22 school year.

    Click here for next steps if you are registering an existing Federal Way Public Schools student.

    Click here for next steps if you are registering for Internet Academy.

    Here is information/documents you'll need to register:

    • Address verification documentation
    • Immunization records
    • Emergency and medical contact information
    • Age verification documentation
    • Previous education experience (transcript)
    • Special Education support documentation (IEP)


Need assistance?

    School office support for online registration is now available at your child's school.
    Support is also available in the following ways: