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  • U.S. Apple Association Awards Sherwood Forest $4500!


    Sherwood Forest has great news! Thanks to P.E. Specialist, Ryan Westhoff, our school  received a grant for $4500 last year from the U.S. Apple Association for our participation in “Apples for Education: Buy an Apple, Help a Student program.”

    Throughout this school year, P.E. Specialist Ryan Westhoff has worked hard with our school community in promoting/encouraging our student scholars to eat apples as snacks. We have seen so many student scholars so excited to eat apples! With the money left over from last year's grant, apples are available in our school office every Friday. Boxes of apples were purchased by previously awarded grants and were sometimes donated by families and staff members. Mr. Westhoff will now be able to purchase more apples with these left-over funds.

    Thank you U.S. Apple Association!

About Our Track Program

  • The Sherwood Forest Track Program is an extracurricular activity that is offered to all Sherwood Forest students from Kindergarten through 5th grade. It is part of the Federal Way School District Elementary Track Program. Students participate in various track activities such as: sprints, long distance runs, softball throw, running long jump and relays. Participants work on building speed, endurance, team work and sportsmanship.

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