Summer Learning Program Bus Routes

How to Locate Your Child's Bus Stop

  • Instructions on how to locate your child's bus stop:

    Select your school

    • Determine the closest cross street to your home.
    • The first cross street will be the street you live on.
    • The second street, remove the last two numbers from your house number. The remaining numbers would be your closest cross street.

     EXAMPLE: If your address is 2124 SW 337th PL and you attend Decatur High School for the summer program

    • SW 337th PL  would be your first street.
    • Remove the last two digits (i.e. 13) from your house number and 21st would be your second street.
    • Your bus stop location would be the cross streets closest to SW 337th PL and 21st.
    • The bus stop nearest to your house is on Route #2 and the Stop Location is SW 341st PL @ 23rd AVE SW.

Summer Bus Routes By Program

  • FWPS Support Services
    Transportation Department
    1211 S. 332nd St.
    Federal Way, WA 98003


    Hours of operation: 
    7 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

    Monday - Friday