• How to Enroll at Federal Way Open Doors

    1. Stop by the school and pick up an Enrollment Packet.

    2. Schedule the following appointments at our Front Desk:
        a) Principal Interview with Ashley Barker
        b) Counselor Intake with Nolita Bentley
        c) Take a placement test
        d) On-boarding Coordinator Meeting with Michele Truss

    3. Return the completed Enrollment Packet along with: 
        a) a copy of a proof of residency in the Federal Way Public School boundaries (utility bill, etc. Not sure if          you live in the FWPS boundaries? Check your address here)
        b) a copy of the student's photo ID
        c) a copy of the parent/guardian's photo ID (if the student is under 18 years old)

    4. While completing steps 2 & 3, begin completion of your Passport to enrollment.

    5. Attend a Leaving to Learn (Leaving to Learn Information)

    6. Once all paperwork has been recieved, all appointments have been met, advisory attendance is regular, and the student has participated in a Leaving to Learn, they are ready to be officially enrolled and will be assigned an Advisor.