• How to Enroll at Federal Way Open Doors

    1. Stop by the school and pick up an Enrollment Packet.

    2. Return the completed Enrollment Packet along with: 
        a) a copy of a proof of residency in the Federal Way Public School boundaries (utility bill, etc. Not sure if          you live in the FWPS boundaries? Check your address here)
        b) referral from school of origin
        c) if student has an IEP, 504, or significant medical issues must be evaluated before-hand

    3. Schedule the following appointments at our Front Desk:
        a) Principal Interview with Ashley Barker
        b) Counselor Intake with Nolita Bentley
        c) Take a placement test
        d) On-boarding Coordinator Meeting with Elsa or Shane.


    4. While completing steps 2 & 3, begin completion of your Passport to enrollment.


    5. Once all paperwork has been recieved, all appointments have been met, advisory attendance is regular, and the student has completed on boarding, they are ready to be officially enrolled and will be assigned an Advisor.