Beginning Educator Support Team

  • "Most teacher preparation or college certification courses deal with the theory of teaching. It has been invaluable having the support of FWPS through the BTAP program which addresses the real craft of teaching and mentors new teachers with how to manage and proceed in our profession." – Year 1 Teacher

    We understand that a robust teacher induction program is critical to increased teacher effectiveness and optimal student learning. Therefore, support for novice teachers is provided by Beginning Teacher Educator Support Team (BEST) mentors trained in the needs of novice teachers and additional support provided by school-based instructional coaches with school and district initiatives. We are proud that our district’s program has won one of the competitive OSPI Beginning Educator Support Team Grants every year except one, since its inception in 2009. Furthermore, our Federal Way Education Association bargained agreement includes contract language that provides teachers with a Beginning Educator Support Team.

    The district’s year 1 and 2 BESTS program is designed using the Washington State Induction Standards, CEL 5D Instructional Framework, and FWPS Strategic Plan. It includes mentor partnerships, classes specifically designed for the novice teacher, and opportunities for observations of exemplary teachers. From preparing for the first days of school, to focusing on effective teaching for optimal student learning, beginning teachers and mentors build a foundation for a successful school year. Mentor and teacher partnerships might include engaging in problem-solving conferences, co-planning, modeling lessons, observing lessons, collecting data, and reflecting conversations. Partnerships are confidential and non-evaluative. BEST Mentors learn and refine learning-focused skills at the OSPI Mentor Academy and district Mentor Cadre Meetings.

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