School Profile

School Information

  • Address: 33914 19th Ave SW

                   Federal Way, WA 98023

    Phone: 253.945.5000


    Fax: 253.945.5050

    Principal: Christina Spencer

    Assistant Principal: Alanna McCorkle

    Director of TAF@Saghalie:  Essence Russ

    Counseling: Maria Otero & Elizabeth Benitez

    Grades: 6-12 

    Year School was Built:

    2008 TAF Academy was established, 2017 TAF moved to Saghalie campus and TAF@Saghalie was established

School Mission Statement

  • By creating an environment that emphasizes academic achievement, student voice, and teacher development, TAF@Saghlie strives to produce the next generation of well rounded learners who become leaders for our community, our country, and our world.

Our School Goals

  • Our school goals align with the district strategic plan:

    Goal 2- Whole Child: Thriving, Confident, Responsible Individuals

    Pride Points

    • Implementing various student voice panels
    • Improving our effectiveness with PBIS + restorative practices

    Area of Focus

    • Increasing student voice

    Goal 3- Active Learners: Engaged, Empowered Critical Thinkers

    Pride Points

    • Rigorous, integrated and culturally responsive project-based learning (PBL)
    • STEM EXPO:  Students participate in STEM exploration using scientific investigation and design thinking to develop solutions to community challenges

    Area of Focus

    • Integrated and rigorous project based learning (PBL)

Community Involvement

  • Parents and community members can partner with TAF@Saghalie through direct service volunteering, sharing industry expertise for our signature TAF@Saghalie STEM EXPO, or by directly contacting the TAF Foundation.

School Improvement Plan and Score Cards



School Data

  • You can find the following data for all schools on Washington’s Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s website including scholar demographics,  eacher information, free and reduced lunch rate, school funding and financial resources, and assessment data at

    Also, check out the FWPS Data Dashboard on our website: and click on the “Data Dashboard” icon at the top of the page.

  • Updated: 3/23/23