College and Career Center Contact Information

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    Support for all things Senior and College and Career:

    Our College and Career specialist, Tanary Gomez is ready to help you!  Email her at or book an appointment at during her office hours Monday 9 am to 3 pm and Tuesday through Friday 8 am to 3 pm.  Please allow 24 hours for a response.

    UW Intern, Dianna Laguan, current student at UW Seattle is available to support you with college applications, reading your personal statements and college essays, and/or applying for Financial Aid.  Contact your SEL/CCR teacher to get her contact information.

    Volunteer mentors from UW help you navigate the college application and preparation journey.  Our mentors are Nahid and Jack.

    NEW video on College Resources:

    NEW video on School Fit Factors:

    Other videos by UW Dream Project:

    Contact your counselor by emailing them or making an appointment to talk with them: (scroll down to find the FWHS counselors)

    Senior Details:

    Senior pictures are due to Mr. Recato by Friday February 26, 2021.  Email him the senior photo you want in the yearbook at

    If you have not ordered your cap and gown, visit the FWHS Josten’s shop here:

    Having trouble paying for the basics?  Email your counselor to ask about financial assistance

    High School and Beyond Plan MUST be completed by all seniors, no exceptions

    To request transcripts, official or unofficial call the counseling office at 253-945-5408

    Yes, you can apply for FAFSA even if you are not going to a college or are going to wait a year or two.  Applying does NOT commit you to anything.

    High School and Beyond Plan:

    ALL Seniors MUST complete the High School and Beyond Plan in order to graduate and get your diploma, no one is exempt.


    Interest Profiler Assessment (found on


    Apply for 2021-2022 Financial Aid (upload image of submission page if not completed FAFSA)

    MONEY is being given out NOW!!!  The sooner you apply, the more you can get!

    Applying does NOT commit you to anything

    Applying is SAFE and your information will NOT be shared

    Start here to see which application to fill out:  

    Get your FAFSA ID here:  

    Complete FAFSA here:  

    Complete WASFA here:

    Be sure to upload your submission page that says, “Congratulations you have submitted your …” to Maia Learning

    In Maia Learning, update your Career List by “hearting” 3-6 careers that interest you

    Apply to 1-3 post-secondary institutes (upload images of ACCEPTANCE received)

    Apply for at least one scholarship (see scholarships at the bottom of this page or a more complete listing here from FWPS (upload image of SUBMITTED application confirmation)


    Review the Career Plan Essay prompt in Maia Learning.  (login> Portfolio (left menu) > Journals)

    Create or update your resume in Maia Learning (login> Portfolio (left menu) > Resume)

    Request 1 or more letters of recommendation (login> University (left menu) > Request Recs)

     If you missed any SEL/CCR lessons or need help with any tasks, all lessons can be accessed here:


    Thanks for working with us as we navigated a new system! We recognized that some scholars experienced difficulties when we linked Maia Learning and Common App. As a result, we have made the decision to disconnect Maia Learning and Common App for this year’s college application season.


    A running list of scholarships can be accessed here:

    See attachment of list of scholarships by month

Scholarship Opportunities

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Women’s University Club of Seattle Foundation Scholarship Application

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  • Testing:

    1. SAT: 

    SAT is a test that has to be taken in person at this time. Currently due to Covid we are not offering SAT at school this fall and are awaiting information regarding a January and a Spring test date. You are welcome to register for a test on your own through the Collegeboard website but at this time there are not many test centers open in our area.  Contact your counselor to inquire about a fee wavier.

    1. ACT: Some locations may offer in person ACT testing December 20th  2020 and February 6th 2021 

    ACT testing may be done remotely for the first time beginning this winter and spring. In addition, it will allow students to register for just math or just reading sections if preferred, rather than the whole 5 hours test.  Remember that the ELA score for graduation is comprised of the reading and the essay score combined. See for more information or to register for an in person test for December or February. Contact your counselor for fee waiver information and register online at to find a test center near you.  

    1. ASVAB:

    ASVAB will be coming in Spring, date TBD, but is pending if we are allowed back to school to test. It assesses Math, English and Science and aligns skills to your interests. While it is used as a test for students interested in careers in the military is a great assessment for any 10th, 11th and 12th grade student needing to pass English or Math for graduation. Check the above website for sample questions and to prepare for upcoming tests.

    1. No ALTA and STAMP Language tests at this time. More information will come if tests are able to be taken remotely. 

Events this Week:

  • FWHS College and Career Specialist DROP-IN support, Come see Ms. Neeser with any and all college and career related questions or help! 
    Mon and Weds, 5pm-7pm.

    Student Led Conferences!!December 9-11, via zoom with your SEL/CCR teacher and family.

    • Connect with your SEL/CCR teacher to schedule an appointment
    • Call the front office if you can’t get ahold of them or need support making an appointment

College Letter of Recommendation Forms