TJHS School Counseling Program

  • TJ Counseling Vision Statement: 
    The counselors at Thomas Jefferson High School believe all students will become life-long, high achieving learners who graduate college/career ready and well prepared with the 21st century skills necessary to lead meaningful and productive lives in a global society. All students will engage in a comprehensive program that emphasizes the whole child and cultivates academic, career, and social/emotional development. Our graduates will actively strive to create a better world through intercultural understanding and respect.

    TJ Counseling Mission Statement: 
    Our mission is to foster student success and maximize educational and career opportunities by assisting all students in their social/emotional and academic development. Our counseling program is equitable, comprehensive and preventative in design. Our goal is to inform, support, and encourage individuals to be self-directed and responsible for their own education. In partnership with staff, families, community resources, and other key stakeholders, the school counselors will help all students to be internationally minded, socially responsible, life-long learners.


    Direct Student Services: 

    School counseling core curriculum: This curriculum includes structured lessons that provide all students with developmentally appropriate knowledge, attitudes, and skills to help them meet the intended competencies/standards. The school counseling core curriculum is delivered throughout the school’s overall curriculum by school counselors in collaboration with other professional educators in classroom and group activities. 

    Individual student planning: School counselors provide materials and resources to help students make informed decisions about their educational pursuits. 

    Responsive services: Responsive services are to be delivered to meet students’ immediate needs and/or concerns in group and/or individual settings. This can include crisis response services. 


    Indirect Services: 

    Services that are provided on behalf of students by the school counselor in an effort to optimally support student success/growth. These services can include referrals to outside community agencies, collaboration with other school staff members/teachers/parents, and consultation with other professionals. 

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    We are here to help! You can make an appointment with your counselor using the links below with our contact information.


    Outside of these hours, if you have or someone you know has mental health concerns, here are some resources:

    If you need someone to talk to, call  206-461-4922 or (866) TEENLINK (833-6546)
    If it is urgent, call CCORS crisis line at 206-461-3222
    In an emergency, call 911

    Please click the links below for our most frequently asked topics:


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    Brooke Scheib (A-G)

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    Tara Frank (O-Z)

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