TJHS Graduation Requirements

  • In order to receive a TJ high school diploma, students must meet the following requirements:

    Class of 2021 & Beyond*

    1. Obtain 26 Credits in the correct subject areas
      • 4.0 English
      • 4.0 Social Studies
      • 3.0 Math (Algebra 1, Geometry, & a 3rd year of math)
      • 3.0 Lab Science (2 must be lab)
      • 1.5 PE
      • 0.5 Health
      • 1.0 CTE
      • 2.0 Fine Art (1 may be PPR)
      • 2.0 World Language (may be PPR)
      • 5.0 Elective
    2. Meet standard on SBA in ELA & Math
      • There are alternate pathways to meet this requirement. More information on these can be found on page 13 of the FWPS Course Catalog.
    3. Complete the High School and Beyond Plan on Maia Learning (including the MYP Project done in 10th grade ATL)
      • To find more information by grade-level for this requirement, visit the FWPS CCR website.
      • Students who participate in an off-campus program such as Running Start or PSSC are still required to complete this requirement.  
    4. Complete 24 hours of community service
    5. Washington State History (usually taken in middle school)

    Use our credit check form to help keep you on track for graduation!

    If you think your student is not on track to graduate, please have your student schedule an appointment with their counselor to make a plan for graduation. To schedule an appointment, click here.

    *All items must be completed to participate in our graduation ceremony in June. If you are a Running Start student, all of the above requirements need to be completed by the Winter Quarter of your senior year.


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