Mrs. Dahl

Family Resource

  • Dear Mark Twain Parents and Families,

    My name is Maria Dahl and this is my third year as your Mark Twain Family Liaison. I am looking forward to meeting and connecting with you to help promote the academic success of each student here at Mark Twain. There are three things I invite you to consider as you use me as a resource to help you support your student’s success in school.

    Please allow me to help you

    • Be Informed! 
    • Ask questions!  
    • Be Prepared! 
    • Have a plan.
    • Be Involved! 
    • Share your ideas!

    I hope you received the "Partnership 101" booklet that the District sent to all parents. If you did not receive it, please call me or come to my office and I will gladly give you one. On page 8 you have "Create your own involvement plan." Share your plan with your child’s teacher.

    I look forward to working with you.

    Please call Maria Dahl at 253-945-3107 if you have any ideas, questions or concerns.

    Let’s have a wonderful year!


    Maria Dahl- Family Liaison                
    Sharon Mitchell Guddat-Principal