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Welcome to Decatur High School's Career Center!


    The Golden Gator Scholarship is worth $1,000! This is open to students who have a GPA between 3.0-3.5, has been at Decatur for all 4 years and has been involved in at least 2 activities all 4 years. Click HERE for more details.


    The Scholarship Junkies website is ran by UW alums who can help you on college essays and scholarships, click HERE, for more information. It's FREE!


    Sign up on to start checking out what scholarships are available to you here in Washington that you can apply for.


    Upcoming visits in the Career Center:

    9/20 Gonzaga-2nd Period

    9/24 WWU-8th Period

    9/27 Whitworth-3rd Period

    9/30 UW Bothell-2nd

    10/8 UW Seattle-8th

    10/14 FIDM-1st Period

                Univ of Arizona-7th Period

    10/28 St. Martin's-8th Period

    10/29 Seattle U-3rd Period

                CWU-7th Period

    11/6 Cornish College-3rd Period

    11/7 WSU-1st Period


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