Safe Drop off and Pick Up Routines

About Our Policies

  • We at Olympic View strive to keep everyone safe; teachers, parents and especially students. In our efforts to make sure we meet this goal we assembled a team to evaluate our after-school dismissal procedures and came up with the following plan:

    1. Students riding the bus will be dismissed from the breezeway and walk directly to the bus.
    2. Students attending the Westway After School program will enter the multi-purpose room (gym) via the exterior gym doors.
    3. ALL other students will be dismissed from the front doors by the office to either:
        a. Walk home on their own or,
        b. Wait by the blue benches for someone to pick them up.

    When students leave school, safety is our FIRST priority. Please help us by following these guidelines.

    WALKING PARENTS: Your children will be waiting by the blue benches in the front of the school. Please make sure to use the crosswalks. When people are driving, they trust that no one will walk out in front of their car.

    DRIVING PARENTS: Your children will be waiting by the blue benches in the front of the school. Please make sure you stay in your car and pull forward as space becomes available. This will allow more cars into the pickup lane and speed up the process.

    DAYCARE VANS: The daycare van area will be near the music portable. Please move forward until you get to that area. When the students see the van pull into the pickup lane they will move to their designated pickup space.

    All students will be taught the proper dismissal procedures by their teachers.

    Thank you for helping Olympic View keep our children safe. If you have any questions, please contact the office.

Dismissal Procedures

  • If you need to change the way your child goes home you must call the office 30 minutes before dismissal.  Often times teachers plan activities that take their students out of their classrooms.  In those cases we may not be able to find your student-scholar in time to give them your message.  The 30 minute notice will ensure your message gets delivered to your child.

    If you need to pick your student-scholar up early please do that before 3:10 pm on regular school days, and before 1:40 pm on Early Release days.  The last 30 minutes of school is when your child's teacher is handing out homework and getting their backpacks packed and coats on.  It is hard for our teachers to help get your kiddo ready at that moment when he/she is trying to get the entire class ready to leave.  Please have your ID ready to present to the Office Staff as they need to verify who is picking up each child.  Finally, the Office Staff are not allowed to pull children from their classes to wait for you in the office.  You must be here to sign them out & present your ID, then the Office Staff will be able to call your child down to the office for early pick up.  Please allow yourself enough time to do this as your child may be at recess or in an assembly - those events require more time to find your student-scholar.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation regarding these dismissal procedures.


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