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Notice of Directory Information Rights

Federal law requires schools inform parents that some of their child’s information, called “Directory Information,” might be used for certain school-related purposes.

Parents and guardians may tell schools not to release this information. This is part of a law called The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).

What is Directory Information?

  • Your child’s name.
  • Photographs, video and other images of your child.
  • Recognition, diplomas and awards received by your child.
  • Date and place of birth.
  • Most recent and previous schools attended.
  • Dates of enrollment and enrollment status.
  • Participation in officially recognized activities and sports, and weight/height of student, if related to athletic participation.
  • Electronic (e-mail) address and telephone number, including cell phone, student ID number.
  • Student ID number (only if it cannot be used to gain access to education records).

You have a say whether your child’s photos, names and other information are used publicly

We ask parents to think carefully before restricting this information. Unfortunately, by restricting your child’s directory information for school publications, your student’s name and photo cannot be included in student annuals and yearbooks. He or she will not be able to be part of classroom, team or club photos which are intended to be published in yearbooks.  
And, if you say “no” to providing contact information to outside organizations, your child’s name, address and phone number/s will not be provided to non-district organizations, including: graduation supplies companies; colleges; or military recruiters; and, after graduation, school reunion committees. Publishing photos of your child in district publications and websites, or in the news media, is one of things you can restrict, if you wish.

You can find the FERPA form to the right on this webpage, or please contact your school office manager.



If you wish to restrict how the district shares this information, please contact the school office or complete the Release of Directory Information. 

What if you change your mind?

If you ask us to restrict your student information, but later change your mind, just ask to update this form at your child’s school office.