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  • Principal Joe Kosty

    Knights, Knights, Knights! As I am reflecting on our school year so far, there is a lot to be very proud of. Our scholars are working hard and are making great strides in academics and social-emotional efficacy. Our major focuses this year are around Early Learning (specifically reading, writing, and math) and The Whole Child (attendance and social skills).

    Camelot’s first goal (The Early Years) is centered on providing high-quality core curriculum, instruction, and learning, and having clear learning targets for our scholars. Specifically, we are providing additional resources to K-3 classrooms to help scholars be on standard in reading and math. During instruction, scholars need to know what they are learning, what it looks like to be successful and why the skills are important. This creates a focused learning time that has clear outcomes for learners to help engage them in the work. Additionally, we believe that getting all scholars on grade level by the end of third grade will make future learning more successful—especially in reading. To make this a reality, we know that educating scholars and families about our schooling system is requisite before they embark on their traditional K-12 experience. As a result, we are collaborating with families through our pre-school program and through Ready-K to create positive learning experiences that get scholars prepared for Kindergarten. 

    Camelot’s second goal (The Whole Child) is around our attendance and behavior supports. Our goals are to maximize class time by having all scholars in school 95% of the time or more. Our attendance team is meeting monthly and figuring out ways to increase student’s time at school. We also have a school-wide PBIS team that we are seeking caregivers and families to attend to help improve our behavior efforts. Please contact me directly if you would like to attend a meeting. They take place on the last Thursday of every month.

    Our Camelot community has played a huge role in the success of our scholars. I am excited to partner with our community in a variety of ways this year. Whether you join our PTSA, support W.A.T.C.H dog dads, join Natalee and me for tea and treats at Homewood Terrace, join a PBIS meeting, or come to events like STEM night or our Carnival it all helps! I am also excited to hear from you what other ways we can get families/caregivers involved. Your voice matters and we are excited to hear what you have to say. Please reach out at any time.

    In partnership,

    Joe Kosty, Principal


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