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Advanced Learning

Advanced Learning Assessment Opt-In Process

Advanced Learning assessments for AP, IB, and Cambridge are not universal standardized assessments (such as the SBA or SAT) but rather content exams that measure scholar learning and application of program-specific pedagogy. Because of this, scholars are best prepared for the assessment by taking the corresponding program courses and receiving direct instruction in that program-specific pedagogy. However, without clear procedures, we have inconsistent access across our system.

In support of our Strategic Plan Goal 5 Persistence to Graduation: High School Graduation Through Successful Transitions and its Signature Strategy “Implement a system-wide, standardized approach to …teaching and learning” the following procedures are in place regarding Advanced Learning assessments:

  • Scholars must be enrolled in FWPS and have taken the corresponding Advanced Learning (AP, IB, or Cambridge) courses in order to register for the assessment. Additionally, FWPS continues to pay for all advanced learning assessments to ensure these assessments are at no charge to scholars.
  • FW Scholars/families (including in-district Home School and Private School students) interested in taking an Advanced Program assessment who have not taken corresponding Advanced Learning courses would be provided two options:
  • Application to Opt-In: Scholars/Families would contact the Assessment Coordinator at the site they would like to take the exam and complete the Application to Opt-In. In this form, the scholar/family would outline the steps they have taken to adequately prepare for the exam. The application will be reviewed by the district’s Multidisciplinary Committee for final determination.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP): The CLEP is similar to Advanced Learning exams and offers potential college credits. The CLEP, however, is unaffiliated with a specific Advanced Learning program and is administered through College Board (making it unaffiliated with a specific school or district). For more information about CLEP:

Advanced Learning Assessment Opt-In Form