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Calculating Grades

How Grades are Calculated

Reflects modifications which were put into effect on September 9, 2020.

In SBGR, grades measure a student’s progress against known and established milestones — not against how well their classmates are doing. And grades mean the same thing from class to class and school to school. That has not changed.

But, the transition to standards-based education and grading in 2011 came with a promise — that the district would listen to input from staff and parents and use it to fine-tune the system.

Following refinement of the initial implementation of SBE, the district has reworked the process for calculating grades based on parent, staff, student and administrator input.


The steps in reaching a final grade start with how assignments and assessments are graded.

Assignments are graded according to how well a student demonstrates understanding or mastery of the related standards.

That understanding or mastery is scored on the following scales: