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Highly Capable Program FAQs

What is the FWPS process for identifying scholars for Highly Capable Services?

  • Refer: Parents, community members, teachers, staff members, and scholars may refer a scholar for consideration to receive Highly Capable services during the referral window (or, for scholars new to the district, within 10 days of enrollment)
  • Assess: Additional assessments administered, as needed, with parent/guardian permission
  • Identify: The District’s HC Multi-disciplinary Selection Committee reviews multiple measures of scholar data (including district/state assessments) to finalize identifications for Highly Capable services.
  • Notify: Family notification of scholars identified for services beginning in the following school year
  • Consent: Parent/guardian provides permission for HC services

What is the CogAT?

  • The CogAT is an online, multiple-choice cognitive test that measures ability in three areas:  verbal, quantitative, and spatial reasoning.
  • All referred scholars (who have parent permission) and all 2nd graders will be assessed with the CogAT 7 Screener.
  • The information gathered from the CogAT will be used to support identification of those scholars who may need Highly Capable services.

What is the process to appeal an identification decision?

  • Appeal: An appeal form must be completed and submitted to the HC department within the appeal window. It must include specific, new information that might impact the decision by the selection committee. (Private, non-district assessments will not be considered)
  • Review/Assess: The selection committee will review the appeal, scholar’s data, and new information. If needed, additional assessments may be initiated by the selection committee
  • Notify: The person filing the appeal will be notified of the result in writing. Appeal decisions are final and cannot be appealed.
  • Consent: Parent/guardian provides permission for HC services if scholar is identified through appeals process.

Will my child have to change schools if I consent to HC services?

  • No – HC services are provided at each of our elementary, middle, and high schools.

What types of services are available to scholars in Federal Way Public Schools?

  • Each school has a continuum of services that could include, but is not limited to:
    • differentiation, enrichment, and/or acceleration.
  • For Elementary Schools, the services are delivered in general education classrooms through a Cluster Grouping model and outlined in Scholar Learning Plans. Secondary schools may also provide services through advanced programs, extra-curricular clubs, academic competitions, and/or partnerships with outside agencies.