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Timeline and History

Year Event
1929 Federal Way School District was formed
1929 Federal Way School opens (including all administrative offices)
1938 Federal Way High opens
1952 Lakeland Elementary opens
1956 Mirror Lake Elementary opens
1958 Star Lake Elementary opens
1960 Lakota Junior High opens
1960 Panther Lake Elementary opens
1960 Brigadoon Elementary opens
1960 Woodmont Elementary opens
1962 Olympic View Elementary opens
1963 Totem Junior High opens
1964 Adelaide Elementary opens
1964 Transportation Department is established
1965 Camelot Elementary opens
1965 Lake Grove Elementary opens
1965 Sunnycrest Elementary opens
1967 Central Kitchen (Nutrition Services) is established
1968 Mark Twain Elementary opens
1968 Sacajawea Junior High opens
1968 Thomas Jefferson High opens
1970 Maintenance Department is established
1970 Lake Dolloff Elementary opens
1970 Kilo Junior High opens
1971 Illahee Junior  High opens
1971 Memorial Stadium opens
1976 Decatur High opens
1978 Panther Lake construction complete
1978 Educational Service Center (ESC) established
1988 Dana Plaza ESC opens
1990 Silver Lake Elementary opens
1991 Mark Twain Elementary construction complete
1991 Sherwood Forest Elementary opens
1992 Rainier View Elementary opens
1993 Green Gables Elementary opens
1994 Enterprise Elementary opens
1994 Saghalie Junior High opens
1995 Meredith Hill Elementary opens
2003 Todd Beamer High School opens
2003 Truman Campus opens
2005 Sequoyah Middle School opens
2005 Federal Way Public Academy opens
2009 Valhalla Elementary construction complete
2009 Panther Lake Elementary is rebuilt
2010 Lakota Middle School is rebuilt
2011 Sunnycrest Elementary is rebuilt
2018 Federal Way High School is rebuilt
2021 Lake Grove Elementary is rebuilt
2021 Wildwood Elementary is rebuilt
2021 Mirror Lake Elementary is rebuilt
2021 Thomas Jefferson High School is rebuilt
2022 Totem Middle School is rebuilt and renamed Evergreen Middle School
2022 Star Lake Elementary is rebuilt
2023 Olympic View Elementary is rebuilt and becomes Olympic View K-8