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STEM with the Superintendent

Join Dr. Pfeiffer in STEM with the SuperintendenT

STEM with the Superintendent is a chance for scholars to engage in STEM learning activities led by Superintendent Dr. Pfeiffer! As many know, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) is woven into most high-demand, high-paying jobs – understanding and applying the principles of STEM will be a critical tool as scholars navigate the workforce. 

As a former science teacher, Dr. Pfeiffer is excited to build upon the district’s five-year STEM integration plan and bring one of her passions to scholars to ensure each FWPS scholar can access STEM learning opportunities during the school year. STEM with the Superintendent will bring together groups of scholars to engage in live STEM activities, and then expand access to all scholars through curated videos of each activity.  

How It Work

STEM with the Superintendent is focused STEM activities, led by Dr. Pfeiffer, and all scholars can participate! Join the fun in two ways: 

Apply to participate in person 

Scholars are invited to apply to help Dr. Pfeiffer demonstrate the lesson. Each STEM with the Superintendent activity will be a live learning experience engaging in a STEM activity. STEM with the Superintendent may occur during or after the school day, and scholar participation is limited. Participation will be selected through a random drawing by Dr. Pfeiffer from the applicant pool.  

Apply online!

Watch and follow the activities at school or home 

While in-person participation is limited, STEM activities are designed for all scholars to access and replicate. Each STEM with the Superintendent activity will be filmed and available to all scholars and families in our schools and on our website and social media. Additionally, each activity is carefully designed to reduce barriers to participation. Resources and materials will be available in schools or only require common household items.

Download STEM with the Superintendent Application (PDF):

Or, complete the application online.

Be sure to check back often for the latest STEM with the Superintendent updates, including video lessons, stories, and pictures!