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Women's History Month

  • Culture Appreciation
Women's History Month

FWPS Celebrates Women's History Month

This March, Federal Way Public Schools ignites the spirit of Women's History Month! We join the national celebration with vibrant student-led activities, showcasing the remarkable contributions of women throughout American history.

Step into classrooms buzzing with:

  • Powerful assemblies: Hear student voices rising, honoring female trailblazers in science, arts, politics, and beyond.
  • Creative art projects: Witness murals brimming with vibrant colors as students express their artistic flair, inspired by inspiring women.
  • Uplifting scholar presentations: Students will be honoring inspiring women of their choice during their learning presentation to celebrate with their peers.
  • And more!
  • Share the spark! Let's spread the stories of remarkable women across our entire District. Share an inspiring women that has made on impact on you and tag FWPS.

Beyond March: At FWPS, empowering women isn't confined to a single month. We believe in limitless potential for every scholar, regardless of race, class, background, or identity. We are committed to fostering an environment where all students can thrive and achieve their dreams.

Celebrating women is woven into the fabric of our curriculum all year long, inspiring future generations to break barriers and leave their own mark on the world.

Discover more! Explore additional cultural and religious celebrations throughout the year on our FWPS Cultural & Religious Calendar:

Scholars’ classroom packed with influence of trailblazing women

During Women’s History Month scholars at the Employment Transition Program (ETP) delved into what Women’s History Month is, complemented by school curriculum that honors women such as astronaut Dr. Peggy Whitson, singer Ella Fitzgerald, and Senator Tammy Duckworth. They also focused a spotlight onto the life and impact of impassioned activist Judith “Judy” Heumann. Recognized as the “Mother of the Disability Rights Movement”, Judy Heumann played a pivotal role in championing groundbreaking laws that dismantled obstacles for individuals with disabilities, such as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, amongst other legislation.

Throughout the room in small groups, the class read about her life and achievements and reflected on the strength she showed and the positive impact of her achievements on countless lives. ETP teacher Rex Tucker, who led the activity stated, “we wanted to make sure our students saw a strong and powerful woman whose history impacts both their present and their future.”

ETP scholars acknowledged Judy Heumann’s activism and commented on her influence. Scholar Emily expressed gratitude for her activism saying, “I’m glad Judy helped get ramps so that I can use my new power wheelchair to get into buildings,” and Andrew shared his takeaway noting, “I learned from Judy Heumann that it’s important to advocate for disability rights so we can get the help that we need.”

Judy Heumann is among the influential women FWPS scholars will come into contact during Women’s History Month and throughout the school year. Judy Heumann and other figures bravely advocated for themselves and others and left a mark in history. They are examples of the empowered role models who inspire confidence in scholars throughout our schools.

Creating Community and Celebration at Federal Way High School

FWHS Russian/Ukrainian Club group photo with roses and cards celebrating International Women's Day

Since 2010, the Russian/Ukrainian Clubs at Federal Way High School (FWHS) have been leading a heartfelt tradition for International Women’s Day on March 8, distributing flowers to the remarkable women who shape their lives within the school community. An appreciative card, illustrated by 10th grade scholar Vita with the inscription "Happy 8th March" was included along with the flowers.

Club members shared their thoughts about the activity, noting the importance to show respect and celebrate the women in their lives. 12th grade scholar, Bohdan, who was involved in the event, expressed the joy of spreading happiness, stating, "[staff] were surprised and happy when they saw them [the flowers], and I just like making people happy." The scholars also shared their gratitude for club advisor Dina Pavlyuk for always looking out for their health and social well-being.

By honoring the women within their school community, FWHS students acknowledge their contributions for being instructive figures in their lives and instilling a sense of empowerment among its students.

Ms. Pavlyuk emphasized the broader significance of the rose-giving activity, saying, “It teaches them to respect as well as celebrate the accomplishments of the women in the world as well as their own lives.”

At FWHS and throughout the district, education extends beyond textbooks and classrooms. Commemorating Women’s History Month, scholars embrace the ethos of community, empathy, and inclusivity throughout schools all year round.

Schools Celebrate Women’s Power and History

In Federal Way Public Schools, the hallways burst with the strength and legacy of women during Women’s History Month. As scholars stroll through them every day, they are treated to a tribute to women throughout the ages.

At Meredith Hill Elementary, vibrant portraits of influential women from various fields – law, science, arts, and activism – greet scholars. Each illustration offers inspiration and reminds scholars that “we are stronger when we support each other.” Kimmy Thomas, Assistant Principal at Meredith Hill and the creative mind behind the display, emphasized its significance, saying, “These women made history by breaking barriers and achieving success where women were once marginalized. Their dedication and perseverance paved the way for women worldwide... I wanted scholars, staff, and families to learn about these trailblazers in honor of Women’s History Month.”

At Lake Grove Elementary, Library Assistant Yuri Mobley captivates scholars with a display brimming with books featuring historical women and their stories. Adding a touch of creativity, the display includes figurines from the Barbie Inspiring Women Series, bringing these women's stories to life in a different way. Librarian Mobley highlighted the collaborative effort behind the display, with contributions and loans from school staff, making it a resounding success and a valuable source of knowledge for our students.

Although Women’s History Month is drawing to a close, FWPS encourages students to continue their exploration and learning about the remarkable individuals who shape our scholar community. The King County Library System has also shared a helpful booklist (available at, directing students to more stories about women’s experiences and historical figures, both past and present.