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How to Continue College and Career Exploration After DiscoverU Week

How to Continue College and Career Exploration After DiscoverU Week
A young scholar learns about heart health at the Adelaide Career Fair


Doing well in school, building foundational competencies, and exploration of career opportunities are fundamental to preparing for college and career.  

Preparation for life after high school should start well before graduation. Here are more ways your child can continue college and career exploration after DiscoverU Week: 


  • Engage in role-play and act out different jobs  

  • Play a Career Sorting Game like this Workplace and Career Matching Game 

  • Simulate a career in a Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) experience 

  • Speak with adult family members and/or family friends about their career and what they do every day at work 

Middle School 

  • Practice punctual attendance  

  • Attend High School Planning Night with a parent or guardian to find out about Dual Credit opportunities offered at the high school you will be attending 

  • Complete the Interest Profiler Assessment and research 3-5 suggested careers from your assessment results 

  • Create a Career List. Click on the career name to learn more in the Career summary 

  • Participate in a specialized summer camp or summer college program 

High School 

  • Take a Career and Technical Education (CTE) course from the FWPS course catalog 

  • Attend college and career fairs like Life After High School 

  • Visit a college campus 

  • Get a professional mentor through a program like Mentor and Me 

  • Explore interests and leadership opportunities by participating in sports, school clubs, music or drama groups, or community-based organizations  

  • Perform a job search to learn specific job responsibilities and desired qualifications 

  • Practice communication skills with a mock interview 

  • Volunteer at a company or organization that aligns with career interests to complete community service hours 

  • Review various college application essay prompts and brainstorm potential answers, or determine gaps in experience to fill before graduation 

  • Craft a resume with job and volunteer experience, club involvement, achievements, honors, etc. 

  • Meet with the school college and career counselor 

  • Practice daily punctual attendance 

Remember, it’s never too early to start preparing for the future to get ready for college and career! For more ideas, speak with your school counselor or view the grade-appropriate High School and Beyond Plan Checklist, available for grades 7-12, at