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DiscoverU Week, October 16-20

DiscoverU Week, October 16-20

FWPS PK-12 Scholars Will Learn About Regional College and Career Opportunities Through the Annual DiscoverU Week  

Federal Way Public Schools scholars in grades PK-12 will participate in a week of college and career exploration activities, called DiscoverU Week, from Oct. 16-20. The week will increase awareness of career options among scholars and encourage early planning of post-secondary steps after graduation. 

During DiscoverU Week, scholars will engage in activities that help them explore college and career pathways with the help of local industry professionals and their teachers. Throughout the week, each themed day will help scholars learn about the education and skills needed to achieve their career goals, which include:

  • Monday, October 16: Discover Local Jobs
    Scholars will learn about career options in our region.

  • Tuesday, October 17: Lead Your Community
    Scholars will learn about non-profit and public-sector jobs. Many schools also engage in service activities as well.

  • Wednesday, October 18: Classroom to Career
    Students learn how what they learn in class connects to the real world and can be applied to future careers

  • Thursday, October 19: College Gear Day
    Students participate in college-going culture by sporting their school gear or favorite college. Students also learn about college options and how to prepare for college.

  • Friday, October 20: Flash Forward Friday
    On the last day of DiscoverU, students think about the future. Some activities may include vision boards, writing letters to their future selves, and more!

Scholars can expect to engage in college exploration activities led by school and community partners ranging from educators sharing their own education or career paths, to representatives from colleges, trade schools, and other organizations discussing career opportunities in our region.  

This week of college and career exploration is in direct support of the district strategic plan Goal 5, Persistence to Graduation: High School Graduation through Successful Transitions. FWPS is committed to ensuring every scholar will successfully navigate the critical transitions in their schooling, and graduate from high school ready for college, career, and postsecondary experiences. 

On Wednesday, October 25 from 6-8 p.m., the district will hold its annual Life After High School College and Career Fair at Todd Beamer High School where middle and high school scholars can continue learning about post-secondary college and career options. The fair will provide student scholars opportunities to explore life after high school options including college, apprenticeship, military, and careers. There will be several workshops and panel discussions available focused on college essays, paying for college, and more. Students and families can also receive support from staff with the High School and Beyond Plan through an open lab.