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Good News May 22, 2018

  • Good News Announcements
Good News May 22, 2018

Pacific Islander Club took first place in the Samoan Arts and Academics competition

We are so proud of the Pacific Islander Club who took first place in the overall fourth annual Samoan Arts and Academics competition! They also took home multiple awards in academics and dance ensembles. The club's name is Lumana'i O Le Pasefika means "Future of the Pacific."

Congratulations, to who scholars that placed in the individual student academic awards:

Julio Chavez-Tilei and Macy Dent received the Atamai Award for achieving the highest GPAs for the first semester, and strong academic performance in the second semester progress report

Iafeta Toso received the Alii Award for outstanding academic performance throughout the high school career in addition to demonstrating leadership throughout the community

This effort is in direct support of the district Strategic Plan Goal 3, Active Learners: engaged, empowered, critical thinkers.

The City of Federal Way Arts Commission recognized 17 scholars for their artwork

For the first time The City of Federal Way Arts Commission invited all district high schools to submit pieces of art to be displayed at City Hall. 17 scholars were recently recognized at a city council meeting for their artwork.

Congratulations, scholars:

  • Hyun Rho 
  • Henry Youngjohn
  • Alexandra Tangonan
  • Gia Armstrong 
  • Christina Gozhiy 
  • Kyle McCoy
  • Grace Chung
  • Jamie Han
  • Sophia Vazquez 
  • Ilianna Watkines 
  • Jenna Louise Dee
  • Samantha Mendoza-Rojas 
  • Hallie Cromwell
  • Glenna Park
  • Catherine Huynh 
  • Lucia Ruiz Amador
  • Patricia Orciuoli

We would like to thank Vickie Chynoweth, Vice Chair of City of Federal Way Arts Commission, who helped lead this effort and welcome.

We are proud of our scholar’s commitment to the arts, which supports Strategic Plan Goal Four: content area competence mastery of all subjects.

National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association announced one of Federal Way Public Schools athletic directors has been recognized as a Certified Athletic Administrator

To earn this distinction, the candidate is one of a few elite nationwide that demonstrated the highest level of knowledge and expertise in the field of interscholastic athletic administration.

Congratulations, Tim Kuykendall, Athletic Director at Todd Beamer High School.

This achievement supports our scholars’ participation in extracurricular activities in direct support of Strategic Plan Goal Three: active learners, engaged, empowered, critical thinkers.

Lake Dolloff recently celebrated 14 students at an assembly who have had perfect attendance from the first day of school until present.

  • Sara Alabodi 
  • Hosanna Askew
  • Aubree Bahena 
  • Elisa Frost-Allen
  • Pricilla Jimenez 
  • Warren Kamau 
  • Artem Myrhorod 
  • Elise Nguyen 
  • Makayla Pendo 
  • Lucas Speelmon
  • Blessing Thorson
  • Peyton Thorson
  • Jermaine Tofa
  • Elliott Warren

This is in support of Goal Two of the district Strategic Plan: thriving, confident, responsible individuals.

Highest-Scoring Teams at the Elementary Math Bonanza

At the Elementary Math Bonanza, students participated in many events including two team events of Algebra & Probability, and the Geometry & Potpourri Team Test. Each test consists of both easy and hard problems to provide both confidence and challenges to all participants.

We’d like to recognize representatives of the highest-scoring teams in each grade across the district:

  • Elijah Glenn
  • Benjamin Pat
  • Shaurya Sharma
  • Nereida Montellano 
  • Jasmin Bains
  • Kaden Yearby 
  • Maximilian Kahn
  • Tyler Kim
  • Grace Kim
  • Hayden Lum
  • Andrew Hyun
  • Noah Mukai
  • Archer McQuistin 
  • Silvia Alegria Reyes
  • Vicente Quichocho
  • Justin Won Lee

This effort is in direct support of the district’s Strategic Plan Goal 4: content area competence mastery of all subjects.

Sequoyah Middle School orchestra received the highest marks at the Valley Regional Washington Music Educators Association Orchestra Contest

Sequoyah Middle School orchestra received the highest marks at the Valley Regional Washington Music Educators Association Orchestra Contest. This has never been accomplished by Sequoyah in its 13 year history.

Congrats, Musician scholars:

  • Sheridan Kelsey
  • Hannah Yagen 
  • Dasha Omelchenko 
  • Lesly Cadena Castro
  • Adrienne Lahr
  • Brandon Le
  • Aaron Lee
  • Mia Nash
  • Chris Guzman Jovel
  • Te'Ja Balaoing 

This accomplishment is in direct support of strategic plan Goal 4: content area competence. Congratulations!

Sherwood Forest Reading Buddies

Both Sherwood Forest third grader Kiko Bettelon and fourth grader Dante Cruz support “Reading Buddies” faithfully every morning before school to mentor kindergarten, first, and second grade scholars and are making a positive impact by helping our younger scholars start their day right.

We are proud of these scholar’s dedication which supports Strategic Plan Goal Four: content area competence mastery of all subjects.

We would like to recognize our graduates who have persisted to graduation — Goal 5 of our strategic plan. We are so proud of them and are excited to recognize this great achievement now.

Meagan Hoffman has successfully completed her requirements to graduate despite challenges. She plans to continue studying child development and become a teacher assistant – we are so proud of her! Meagan would like to thank all of the staff at Open Doors for believing in her and helping her succeed.

Jadon Guzman worked on online classes diligently and then made the switch to project based learning. From there he taught himself to code and created his own website for his final project. He plans to continue to explore coding for a career. Jadon showed great diligence in completing his education. Open Doors looks forward to seeing his future success.