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Good News July 25, 2017

  • Good News Announcements
Good News July 25, 2017

Federal Way High School Scholar Takes First Place in Word Processing at Future Business Leaders of America Competition

A big congratulations to Simon Struthers from Federal Way High School who won first place in the word processing category at the national Future Business Leaders of America competition.

Simon, please join us at the front to be recognized.

9,600 participants from across the United States and abroad attended this exciting conference to enhance their business skills, expand their networks, and participate in more than 70 business and business-related competitive events.

In addition to competitions, students immersed themselves in interactive workshops, visited an information-packed exhibit hall, and heard from motivational speakers on a broad range of business topics.

This effort is in direct support of the district Strategic Plan Goal 3, Active Learners: Engaged, Empowered, Critical Thinkers. Congratulations!

FWPS Scholars Earn Seal of Biliteracy

The Seal of Biliteracy recognizes high school graduates who have demonstrated high levels of proficiency (reading, writing, and speaking) in one or more languages in addition to demonstrating high levels of proficiency in English. The Seal of Biliteracy is important for Federal Way Public School scholars because it recognizes the valuable skills our scholars will bring into their career and college experiences. These skills represent a tremendous potential resource within Washington state, where over 40 percent of Washington state jobs are tied to international trade.

Will the following graduates please come forward to be recognized for this achievement:

  • Francisco Velazquez-Heras
  • Esmeralda Pena Sanchez
  • Kemuel Santana-Suarez
  • Martin Sanchez Deleon
  • Sylvia Park
  • Harmonie Leoso
  • Samuel Kiniu
  • Salma Ibrahim
  • Luisa Susano Hernandez
  • Leonardo Orozco
  • Angel Trejo Delgado
  • Juanita Ibanez
  • Zenaida Cruz
  • Ulises Ambrocio
  • Kyeora Lee
  • Hope Stephen
  • Abdirahim Ali
  • Katherin Guzman
  • Jose Figueroa
  • Sandra Hernandez
  • Helena Ochoa Moreno
  • Orgil Batzaya
  • Sean Yi
  • Ellie Chang
  • Royal Elder
  • Jenna Appleton
  • Jessica Hedrick
  • Lindsay Kim
  • Sukhmani Sandhu
  • Jessica Truong
  • Kayla Ziike
  • Jasmine Buezo
  • Manessah deChabert
  • Caterina Ferrieri
  • Raymond Fung
  • Elliya Kim
  • Danielle Lam
  • Chae Hee Lee
  • Jae Lee
  • Rachel Lee
  • Jasson Mendez
  • Jackson Jenkins
  • Candice Oravitz
  • Jazmin Nunez
  • Nichole Vargas
  • Daisy Camacho
  • Vilen Baliyan
  • Alejandra Santana
  • Nardia Duarte Veleta
  • Jennifer Paz Meza
  • Betsy Aguilar
  • Karla Hurtado

The Seal of Biliteracy directly aligns with Goal 4: Content Area Competence of our Strategic Plan.  A key measure of progress in this goal is the number of students that are biliterate. Congratulations, graduates!

Six Federal Way Public Schools were recognized by the King County Green Schools Program

We are proud of our schools working hard to encourage our scholars to become thriving, confident, responsible individuals, which is Goal 2 of our strategic plan.

Six Federal Way Public Schools were recognized by the King County Green Schools Program for their participation in the program during the 2016–17 school year. These schools worked to reduce waste, increase recycling, and conserve natural resources, engaging both students and staff in learning about and practicing resource conservation.

We want to recognize representatives from these schools that were part of this effort:

  • Camelot Elementary School
    • Natalee Daniels
    • Darcy Borg
  • Green Gables Elementary School
    • Dani Fischer
    • Karen Konrad
  • Lakota Middle School
    • Rasa Conklin
  • Olympic View Elementary School
    • Tony Croyle
    • Pam Pierovich
  • Lake Grove Elementary School
    • Patty Samora
    • Rachel Smith-Mosel
  • Todd Beamer High School
    • Eric Marshall

Green Gables Elementary School also received national recognition, earning a Green Ribbon School award from the U.S. Department of Education for its efforts in conservation and promoting a healthy environment for students and staff.