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Good News August 28, 2018

  • Good News Announcements
Good News August 28, 2018

Scholars participate in Youth Safety Academy

This summer scholars attended the Youth Safety Academy put on by the Federal Way Police Department and South King Fire and Rescue centered on safety and police/youth relationships which supports Goal 3 Active Learners: scholars who are engaged, empowered, critical thinkers. 

Scholars learned what a career in law enforcement looks like from the Federal Way Police Dept. They learned how to spray a fire hose, and perform CPR and other lifesaving skills from South King Fire & Rescue.

We'd like to recognize the following scholars who participated in the academy:

  • Alexis Bartholomew 
  • Audrey Patrick
  • Bradley Taylor
  • Casey Jones
  • Jaden Patterson
  • Jonathan Torres
  • Kimberly Tolosa 
  • Levi Small
  • Omar Juarez 
  • Sierra Mortimer
  • William Leoso 

We would also like to recognize our local fire and law enforcement partners who helped put on the academy. 

  • Commander Tracy Grossnickle, Federal Way Police Department
  • Capt. Jeff Bellinghausen, South King Fire & Rescue 

Thank you for the support of our community partners. Scholars, we are so proud of your involvement in the academy!

Scholars receive Seal of Biliteracy

The Seal of Biliteracy recognizes high school graduates who have demonstrated high levels of proficiency (reading, writing, and speaking) in one or more languages in addition to demonstrating high levels of proficiency in English.

Many graduates are pursuing post-secondary opportunities, and we would like to acknowledge the following graduates in attendance tonight to be recognized for this outstanding achievement:

  • Stephanie Galvez
  • Juan Iribe
  • Julia Kizis
  • Mariana Salinas Davalos
  • Veniamin Sorochuk
  • Prisca Tshibangu 
  • Chantal Vileda
  • Grace Xu 
  • Jesus Zapeta
  • Lizbeth Andaluz
  • Patricia Arango-Lopez
  • Jasmine Choe 
  • Muna Hassan
  • Daniel Kim
  • Carmen Larzaro-Diaz 
  • Sebastian Lucatero
  • Nhi Nguyen
  • Jaime Santana
  • Angela Patricia Suizo
  • Roland Tovar
  • Alina Serpersky
  • Brigitte Jimenez
  • Daniel Aguilar
  • Ahmad Basir Azizi
  • Theresa Benson
  • Theresa Carhart
  • Jared Castillo
  • Candace Chang
  • Albino Cuevas
  • Jennifer De Los Santos-Garcia
  • Hector Duran
  • Jocelyn Duran-Cervantes
  • Jamie Grall
  • Ji In
  • Isreal Jimenez
  • Michelle Kim
  • Cindy Lee
  • Walter Lezama
  • Martin Lim
  • Annie Luong
  • Jose Mercado
  • Austin Miller
  • Llesni Monico
  • Audrey Park
  • Gustavo Rivera
  • Jacqueline Roman
  • Priscilla Romero
  • Celina Saucedo
  • Grace Scuderi
  • Nicole Song
  • Alberto Tellez
  • Paola Toscano
  • Cathy Tran
  • Julia Walker
  • Zachary Wall
  • Rachel Wilson
  • Jinyoung Yoon
  • Vivia Zhu
  • Yousif Alsharif
  • Mateo Mendieta
  • Elena Ho
  • Indora Chirinos Meza
  • Sofya Demeke
  • Erica Dillard
  • Kelsy Juarez
  • Odalis Octaviano
  • Richard Chung
  • Tyler Clawson
  • Gabriel Escobedo
  • Amanda Fowler
  • Hakeem Shibly
  • Andrew Tang
  • Skyler Yesiltepe
  • Adriana Castaneda
  • Albino Cuevas
  • Valeria Herrera Ortiz
  • Jason Hsu
  • Jesus Lorenzo-Martinez
  • Rogelio Pulido
  • Blanca Raymundo
  • Jacqueline Roman
  • Andrew Spicciati
  • Samuel Spillers
  • Claire Thoreson
  • Alyssa Tran
  • Carolina Vela
  • Tiffany Yi
  • Bohee Zamora

The Seal of Biliteracy directly aligns with Goal 4: Content Area Competence of our strategic plan.  A key measure of progress in this goal is the number of students that are biliterate.

FWPS scholars attend Microsoft High Tech Digigirlz Camp

For the second year in a row, FWPS scholars attended Microsoft High Tech Digigirlz Camp, which gives young women an opportunity to experience what it’s like working in a high-tech industry. The girls listened to executive speakers, participated in technology tours and demonstrations, network, and learned through hands-on experience in workshops.

Scholars, when I call your names please come forward to be recognized.

  • Pardise Gladstone
  • Shivanah Prasad
  • Marcella Huang
  • Dorricka Jimerson-Easterling
  • Vanessa Sanchez
  • Kristina Norris
  • Naialah Keys
  • Kesiah Rodriguez
  • Dajhia Littlefield
  • Praises Orji

We want to recognize several of these scholars for additional achievements. Praises Orji led a coding workshop for 90 girls, Kristina Norris conducted an informational interview with a Microsoft Executive, and Pardise Gladstone and Nessa Sanchez were on a winning team for an app design and marketing challenge.

Opportunities like this provide real-world experience that help prepare our scholars for college and career and are in support of strategic plan Goal 4 Content Area Competence: Mastery of All Subjects.

Family Life Community Church Opens Computer Lab

We would like to recognize our partnership with Family Life Community Church who opened a computer lab with approximately 30 devices for kindergarten through twelfth grade scholars. This effort also includes after school tutoring and mentoring around leadership success strategies and guidance on internet safety. Over 40 scholars used the lab over the summer, and their lab will continue to be available throughout the 2018-19 school year.

Pastors Dan and Diane Larson, please come forward to be recognized for your continued partnership and support of our scholars to be successful in school.

Schools can’t do it alone and we appreciate your support of strategic plan Goal 2 Whole Child: Thriving, Confident, Responsible Individuals. Thank you for all you do to support our scholars!