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Good News April 10, 2018

  • Good News Announcements
Good News April 10, 2018

Federal Way High School Scholar-Athlete named 2018 Washingtion State Wrestling Champ

Mariah Stewart was recently recognized as the 2018 Washington State 4A Girls’ 235-pound Wrestling Champion. Mariah won each of the four rounds to the championship round with a pin of each opponent. She pinned her opponent in one minute and five seconds to capture the 235-pound title. Mariah finished the season 33- 2.

Participation in extracurricular activities is in direct support of strategic plan Goal 3 - Active Learners: Engaged, Empowered, Critical Thinkers.

Congratulations, Mariah!

Asian-American/Pacific Islander Club hosts community event focused on college and career readiness

Federal Way High School's Asian- American/Pacific Islander Club called Le Lumana’I o le Pasefika which means “The Family of the Pacific” helped to host a first-of-its-kind evening of college and career readiness focused on Federal Way Public Schools’ Pacific Islander community.

Over 120 Federal Way scholars representing five schools, family members, staff members and college representatives attended the event, themed “Navigating Oceania.”

The following individuals were recognized:

  • Mane Tuiaan

  • Manu Fifit

  • Ivo Vongsaven

  • Kaitlin Thomas

  • Carla Boon

  • Colleen Allen

Secondary scholars of all ages participated in a resource workshop and student panel of current university students of diverse Pacific Islander heritages and discussed common challenges and their experiences overcoming them.

Senior scholars worked with college and career center staff members to complete their FAFSA applications and receive personalized advice on financial aid.

We are so proud of this effort, which aligns with strategic plan Goal 5 – persistence to graduation!

Illahee Middle School Teacher earns National Board for Profesional Teaching Standards Certification in 2017

National board certification is an advanced certification program designed to recognize outstanding teachers who meet high and rigorous standards. National Board Certified Teachers have successfully demonstrated exemplary teaching knowledge, skills and practices. The National Board candidacy process is demanding, and has numerous benefits to students, as teachers become even more self-reflective about their practice and increase subject area knowledge.

Muzek White earned National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification in 2017 and is a teacher at Illahee Middle School, certified in early childhood through young adulthood and exceptional needs specialist.

Congratulations Muzek to your dedication, and commitment to our scholars’ bright futures!

Decatur High School Jazz Band takes second place in Commencement Bay Jazz Festival

Decatur High School Jazz Band has won 2nd place in the Commencement Bay Jazz Festival! This festival is a competitive event serving both vocal and instrumental high school jazz ensembles, comprised of about 200 students from around the region.

When I call your name please come forward to be recognized:

  • Josiah Turner, a freshman who also won outstanding soloist of the entire festival for piano

  • Walker Brady

  • Marcus Dial 

  • Jonathan Dambacher 

  • Kennedy Martin

  • Lilian Loranger 

  • Emma Hazenberg

  • Ian McLean

  • Devin Adams

  • Kamren Green

  • Evan Cooper

  • Tony Choi

  • Preston Alan

  • Benjamin Adams

  • Enzo Brown

  • Annie Seo 

  • Gavin Wilson

  • Cole Jackson

  • Tyus Stanley 

This accomplishment is in direct support of strategic plan goal 4: content area competence. Please join me in congratulating these scholar-musicians!

High School Scholar-Musicians perform exceptionally at Valley Region Large Ensemble Band Contest

Approximately 500 scholars from around the region participated, and our scholars received the following ratings:

  • Decatur Wind Ensemble: Superior

  • Decatur Concert Band: Excellent

  • Todd Beamer Wind Ensemble: Excellent

    The Decatur Percussion Ensemble also took third in our region.

    These Decatur Scholars were recognized.

  • Tony Choi 

  • Tim Hughes

  • Tyus Stanley

  • Chase Pittman

  • Jesus Hernandez 

  • Josiah Turner

  • Alicia Geimer, Alicia also placed 3rd in the flute for our region.

    These Todd Beamer scholars were recognized.

  • Joseph Wolfe, who placed 2nd for Alto Saxophone for our region.

  • Kevin Austin, who placed 2nd for Baritone Saxophone for our region.

  • Peter Smith, who placed 2nd for Bassoon for our region.

This accomplishment is in direct support of strategic plan goal 4: content area competence.

We are so proud of you for going after your dreams!

Federal Way Public Academy wins Knowledge Bowl State Championship

Federal Way Public Academy won the Knowledge Bowl State Championship for its division – 2B. This in support of district strategic plan Goal 4 - Content-Area Competence: Mastery of All Subjects.

Would the knowledge bowl team please come forward to be recognized:

  • Tyler Siemssen 

  • Ross Hewitt

  • Kevin Hoang 

  • Ashley Earp

  • Ameadeo Breneman

  • Austin Poisson 

Knowledge Bowl is a state competition where school teams of up to six students use fast-paced thinking and teamwork to answer questions in math, science, history, language skills, literature, music, and geography, plus things like current events.

Congratulations, FWPA Knowledge Bowl Team, we are proud of you!