Session 4: Supporting Successful Transitions


  • Supporting Successful Transitions, May 25, 6-7:30 pm

    Get empowered with resources to support your child through various milestone school transitions.

    Transitioning to a new grade level can be a big deal for students and families alike. Sometimes, transitions can bring about mixed feelings of both excitement and anxiousness around what comes next. At Family Academy, Supporting Successful Transitions, students and families can learn more about how to confidently support smooth school year transitions. You'll be able to attend up to two micro workshops to gain resources and information that will help your family prepare for the school year ahead, plus receive a special gift for participating in Family Academy events in its inaugural year - our thanks to you!

    Interpreter Service, childcare for potty-trained children over 5 years old, and a hot dinner will be available.


    English  |  Spanish  |  Dari  |  Somali  |  Russian  |  Ukrainian  |  Vietnamese  |  Korean


  • Browse the following workshop materials:

  • Preparing for Life After High School

    Presenter: Nicole Collopy, College and Career Facilitator

    Discover ways to assist your scholar in transitioning smoothly from high school to their desired college, university, program, or career. This includes guidance on actions to take during their senior year and optimizing their High School and Beyond Plan.

  • Transitioning to Kindergarten: Ways to Support This Summer!

    Presenter: McKenna Nicolson, Manager of ECEAP and Headstart  

    Looking for ways to support your little one's education this summer? There are plenty of fun and practical activities you can do at home to build their skills and prepare them for kindergarten! During this workshop, learn how to support your kindergarten-bound scholar this summer at home. With a bit of effort and a lot of fun, you can help your scholar start kindergarten with confidence!

  • What I Wish I Had Known: Transitioning to High School

    Presenters: David Stone, Director of College and Career Readiness and Career & Technical Education (CTE), and GEAR UP

    Hear about what people wish they had known about entering high school and get advice for current 8th graders and their families for successful transitions.

  • FRED Bus and Summer Fun!

    Presenter: Kim Erickson, Director of Early Learning

    Learn about the free FRED (Fun-Read-Eat-Dream) Bus and where to find it this summer, along with exciting summer fun activities for kids.

  • The Three C's for Successful Transitions: Helping Your Child Manage Change

    Presenter: Anali Weatherhead, Executive Director of Recovery, Innovation, and Scholar Success

    Discover effective strategies to assist your child's transition to the next grade level and aid them in coping with change as they gear up for the upcoming academic year by using the three Cs - Connection, Communication, and Celebration.

  • IEPs: Parents and Schools as Partners

    Presenter: Jane Al-Tamimi, Assistant Director of Student Support Services

    Learn key ways to partner with our school teams to develop a successful Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for your scholar. Speak with professionals and receive basic info about IEPs including problem-solving, collaboration, and addressing concerns.

  • Digital Citizenship - Secondary: "Who You're Talking to Online"

    Presenter: Dennis Purcell, Director of Remote and Blended Learning

    Make safety a priority. Learn to better understand older kids' and teens' online lives, and give them new strategies for supporting healthy online relationships.