Battle of the Books Prep 2023

Watch Students Prepare for Battle!

  • FWPS fourth and fifth-grade scholars are preparing for battle...Battle of the Books, that is!

    Scholars are excited to participate in this annual competition which tests reading comprehension and recollection of key information from a selection of books. Scholars have already formed teams at their respective schools and will go head-to-head against other teams in the semi-final and final competitions in May.

    "I've never tried out Battle of the Books and it's fifth grade and I didn't want to miss out," shared Tristan.

    "I participated last year, and I just remember it being a lot of fun. I feel like it exposed me to a lot of really cool books that I like to this day," shared fifth-grade scholar Katelyn.

    Twenty-two schools across our district are participating in the Battle of the Books competition this year, with the final competition happening in April. Watch the video to hear from Tristan, Katelyn, and other Battle of the Books scholars share why they joined a team this year, and why reading is important.