• Leaves

    Domestic Violence Leave

    It is the intent of the District to foster a safe and supportive community for all employees, students and visitors. Employees who experience the effects of domestic violence, stalking or sexual assault are encouraged to utilize job-protected leave from the workplace in order to seek and obtain assistance. Please contact Shelbee Mangum at smangum@fwps.org  for a confidential review of your options. 

    Educational and/or other Personal Leave Requests 


    Please review your Collective Bargaining Agreement for provisions regarding unpaid time for non-medical personal leave provisions. All non-medical leave requests must be reviewed and approved by Human Resources ahead of time. Please contact Shelbee Mangum smangum@fwps.org with the details of your request and initiate the request process.   


    Military Leave

    This is a request for time away from work to fulfill duties and obligations for certain types of active or inactive duty in the National Guard or as a Reservist of the Armed Forces. The District will pay up to 21 workdays per year for military leave for all employees. A military leave year runs from October 1 to September 30 in accordance with the federal fiscal year. Beyond the 21 days paid, military duty leave is unpaid for the rest of your time on active duty, for up to five years. However, you may use any accrued paid leave that you have available during this time. Please communicate with your immediate supervisor regarding your intent to use paid leave accrual during active military leave.



    Please review your Collective Bargaining Agreement regarding leaves surrounding Jury Duty, Court Action & Bereavement Leave. 




    Shelbee Mangum, HR Leave Specialist