Session 2: Summer Connections


  • Summer Connections

    Learn about community-based and school-based summer resources and programming.



  • Browse the following workshop materials:

  • Summer Strategies for Bullying Prevention

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    Presenter: Steven Hall, FWPS Threat Assessment and Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB) Coordinator

    Gain resources around bullying and tips to support your children with positive experiences, friendships, and successful transitions to the new school year.

  • Getting in Touch with Nature: Using Nature to Support SEL and Mindfulness

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    Presenter: Danielle Harrington, School Garden Specialist

    Explore the ways you can use resources from your community/yard to have fun and engage your scholar in learning.

  • Having Fun with Summer Learning

    Presenter: Anali Weatherhead, Executive Director of Recovery, Innovation, and Scholar Success

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    Accelerate your scholar's learning while having them engage in fun electives such as gardening, pottery, Sphero, coding, athletics, band & more through our FWPS summer programming.

  • Social Media Support for Elementary: Introducing Online Safety to Your Kids

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    Presenter: Dennis Purcell, Director of Blended and Remote Learning

    Learn how to introduce digital citizenship to young children, and how to find teachable moments to draw connections to real-life experiences.

  • Social Media Support for Secondary: Dealing with Digital Drama

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    Presenter: Dennis Purcell, Director of Blended and Remote Learning

    Get tips to share with your child on how to respond to online confrontations and drama, including a plan of action and practicing real conversations.

Resource Fair

  • Learn from participating organizations about summer resources, childcare, and more: