Session 2: Family Empowerment for 21st-Century Learners


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    Foster an in-depth understanding of grade-level curriculum, assessments, and district resources to support academic success.

    Thursday, March 2, 2023
    6-7:30 p.m.
    Silver Lake Elementary
    (1310 SW 325th Pl, Federal Way, WA 98023)
    or, via Zoom (Links will be emailed to Zoom registrants prior to the event)

    Interpreter Service, childcare for potty-trained children over 5 years old, and a hot dinner will be available.

Event Schedule

Breakout Session 1 (6:08-6:46 PM)

  • Select one (1) micro workshop:

  • Excused Absences Are No Excuse to Fall Behind

    Presenter: Kamilah Keyes-Brown, Family Liaison

     Acknowledging excused absences with a centering of accountability on self-care and self-reflection.

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  • College and Career Readiness in the 21st-Century

    Presenter: Nicole Collopy, College and Career Readiness Facilitator

    This micro-workshop will go over the 21st-century skills that are embedded throughout our curriculum and how our schools are preparing your scholars to graduate college and career ready.

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  • Preparing Scholars for State Testing (SBA Resources)

    Presenter: Erika Rudnicki, Interim Executive Director of Scholar Learning, Academic Programs, and Staff Development

    In this micro workshop, we will share resources to help families and scholars feel prepared and ready to take on the annual ELA and Math tests known as the SBA (Smarter Balanced Assessments). Participants will be able to explore resources, ask questions, and gain insight into what kids experience when they take these assessments.

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  • Social Media Support for Elementary: Raising Healthy Kids in a Digital World

    Presenters: Dennis Purcell, Director of Blended and Remote Learning & Amanda Miller, FWPS Parent

    Think about how technology has changed in our lifetimes. We will discuss the benefits and challenges of raising kids in today's online world. 

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Breakout Session 2

  • Select one (1) micro workshop:

  • Straight A Scholar or Not, Why Your Child Can Benefit from Additional Academic Supports

    Presenter: Jonathan Houston, Facilitator of Equity, McKinney Vento, and Foster Care

    Research has shown that scholars at all grade levels can use an advocate or a tutor to help them navigate the school year ahead. Regardless of what grade they earn in their classes, whether they are successful or not, as a parent you want to make sure you are taking advantage of all the programs and supports that our district has to offer. Learn what, when, and how by attending this Family Academy micro-workshop. 

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  • Making the Most of SLCs

    Presenter: Shea Eakes, Director of Instructional Technology and Innovation

    Do you feel as though Student-Led Conferences are intimidating? Join us for a guide on how to make your scholars SLC more practical.

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  • Ready, Set, Kindergarten!

    Presenter: Kim Erickson, Director of Early Learning & McKenna Nicholson, Manager of ECEAP and Headstart

    Come learn about kindergarten in FWPS and skills that families can work on at home to assist with a successful transition to kindergarten. There will be early learning activities and fun resources shared that you could utilize at home with your 3- and 4-year-olds.

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  • Social Media Support for Secondary: Who Are You on Social Media?

    Presenter: Dennis Purcell, Director of Blended and Remote Learning & Amanda Miller, FWPS Parent

    Social media can be complicated for all of us. Reflect on social media use, share experiences, and learn new ways to talk to older kids and teens about their online lives. 

    In this workshop, parents and caregivers will learn to: 

    • Approach their older kids and teens with empathy when talking about social media. 

    • Encourage kids to avoid comparing themselves to others through social media posts. 

    • Discuss how much effort perfect posting takes—and how it doesn't reflect real life. 

    • Remind kids to keep the focus of social media on fun with friends instead of likes and follows. 

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