Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month 2022

  • Hello Brigadoon scholars and parents/guardians! Our scholar community and school staff were excited about Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month this school year, and they are having a wonderful time learning more about Hispanic and Latinx cultures.

    Our teachers prepared numerous learning activities engaging scholars as part of their classes’ learning goals. For kindergarteners in Miss Boutwell's class, they could see and hear about different Hispanic/Latinx countries in their daily learning modules. Mrs. Yi’s involved the scholars with learning about Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, and then drawing a self-portrait. Scholars in Ms. McLaughlin’s classroom integrated Hispanic and Latinx Heritage month into their learning with each scholar presenting their research on an important Hispanic or Latinx individual using a slide deck presentation. And Miss Jan's class had a classroom discussion about Hispanic and Latinx cultures. These are just some of the ways teachers and scholars participated in Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month!

    Our teachers are doing a great job combining our scholars’ everyday learning and celebrating Hispanic and Latinx cultures, and I am proud of their work. I am also proud of our scholars’ enthusiasm in the assignments that deepen their appreciation of Hispanic and Latinx cultures.

    Brigadoon is one part of FWPS, and every FWPS school is proud of Hispanic and Latinx scholars in the FWPS school community. I encourage you to learn about what other FWPS classrooms are doing as part of Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month on the FWPS website.