Scholar Recommended Booklist 2022

  • During the month of March, FWPS is celebrating reading and literacy for National Reading Month. To do so, we asked our PreK-12th grade scholars to share their favorite books with us, resulting in almost 150 book nominations to create our first scholar-recommended booklist!

    Check out a selection of the books included in the video below, then continue exploring the full booklist organized by grade levels.

Watch: FWPS Scholar Recommended Booklist

Recommended by Scholars in Grades PreK-2

Recommended by Scholars in Grades 3-5

  • Borrowing Bunnies

    Borrowing Bunnies: A Surprising True Tale of Fostering Bunnies

    by Cynthia Lord Year Published: 2019 #Empathy #Educational #PictureBook #NonFiction

    Nominated by:
    3rd Grade, Silver Lake Elementary

    Loyalty shares:
    “When I was a little girl, we used to have a lot of bunnies, and I used to always play with them. I like bunnies and I like to read about them.” 

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  •  Mindy Kim and the Yummy Seaweed Business

    Mindy Kim and the Yummy Seaweed Business

    by Lyla Lee Year Published: 2020

    Nominated by:
    3rd Grade, Silver Lake Elementary

    Kennedi shares:
    “She is kind of like me because she wants a puppy and I want a puppy, and her dad says she has to wait until she’s older and more mature, and that’s what my dad says to me.” 

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  •  A Wolf Called Wander

    A Wolf Called Wander

    by Rosanne Perry Year Published: 2019 #Animals #Fiction #Adventure

    Nominated by:
    Neriah A.
    4th Grade, Valhalla Elementary

    Neriah shares:
    “It is my favorite because it is interesting. It engages the reader to get this book and see what adventures Swift comes across his journey to survive in the harsh land he is living in. Another reason this book is my favorite read of the year is because the author used a lot of interesting words to describe certain details that the book itself doesn’t give out but it gives hints about what’s happening. For example, “red runs down my shoulder.” It has good art, the type of art that makes the reader interested in reading the book.” 

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  •  Amulet (Book Series)

    Amulet (Book Series)

    by Kazu Kibuishi Year Published: 2008 #SciFi #Fantasy #Adventure

    Nominated by:
    Aarush P.
    4th Grade, Mirror Lake Elementary

    Aarush shares:
    “It has intense adventure.” 

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  •  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    by J.K. Rowling Year Published: 2007

    Nominated by:
    Maxine L.
    4th Grade, Woodmont K-8

    Maxine shares:
    It’s about Harry Potter in his 7th year and his friends go to find things called “Horcrux's” to destroy a person named Voldemort. It’s my favorite because of the battle of Hogwarts!” 

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  •  Holes


    by Luis Sachar Year Published: 1998 #Adventure #Fiction

    Nominated by:
    Julian P.
    5th Grade, Brigadoon Elementary

    Julian shares:
    “It was a long book and I liked it because of the way it went, so like at some points in the book, it talks about camp green lake like 100 years ago.” 

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  •  Fablehaven

    Fablehaven (Book Series)

    by Brandon Mull Year Published: 2006 #Fantasy

    Nominated by:
    Jordan C.
    5th Grade, Green Gables Elementary

    Jordan shares:
    “It’s very engaging and hard to put down. I was wondering what was going to happen all throughout the book. When it turns out the chicken was actually the kids’ grandma, my mouth opened in shock!” 

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Recommended by Scholars in Middle School

  •  Fish in the Tree

    Fish in a Tree

    by Lynda Mullaly Hunt Year Published: 2015 #Fiction #Identity #Self-Esteem

    Nominated by:
    Remy D.
    6th Grade, TAF@Saghalie

    Remy shares:
    “The title of the book is from a famous quote, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” By Albert Einstein. The book also has a great lesson in it and is very positive to everyone. It includes seeing the light in yourself and powering through, and even being there or others and understanding the struggles of others. Overall, this book is 10 out of 10.” 

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  •  Percy Jackson and The Olympians

    Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

    by Rick Riordan Year Published: 2005 #Fantasy #Adventure #GreekMythology

    Nominated by:
    Ona K.
    6th Grade, Sacajawea Middle School

    Ona shares:
    “Percy finds out that he’s a son of Poseidon and a half-blood. He goes on crazy adventures through his life.” 

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  •  The Baby-Sitters Club (Book Series)

    The Baby-Sitters Club (Book Series)

    by Based in novels by Ann M. Martin Year Published: 1992 - present #Fiction #GraphicNovel

    Nominated by:
    Alexa M.
    6th Grade, Kilo Middle School

    Alexa shares:
    “It’s about babysitting and it’s fun to read!” 

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  • The Christmas Pig

    by J.K. Rowling Year Published: 2021 #Fairytale #Adventure

    Nominated by:
    Sophie H.
    6th Grade, Internet Academy

    Sophie shares:
    “I enjoyed this book because it had a lot of surprises, especially at the end. This is one of the best books I’ve read, plus it’s by one of the most famous authors of all time: J.K. Rowling.” 

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  •  Flygirl


    by Sherri L. Smith Year Published: 2008 #Historical #Fiction #Cultural #War

    Nominated by:
    Lila B.
    7th Grade, Lakota Middle School

    Lila shares:
    “This book is about a Black girl during World War II that wants to fly and gets the opportunity to do it, but only if she pretends to be white. I like historical fiction and it was very interesting.” 

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  •  The Heroes of Olympus: The House of Hades

    The Heroes of Olympus: The House of Hades

    by Rick Riordan Year Published: 2013 #Fantasy #GreekMythology #RomanMythology

    Nominated by:
    Kyle L.
    7th Grade, Lakota Middle School

    Kyle shares:
    “It’s about Greek mythology teenagers going on quests to complete a prophecy that is soon to happen. It’s my favorite because of how action-packed it is and the stories and the points of views of all of the characters.” 

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  •  The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

    The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

    by John Boyne Year Published: 2006 #Historical #Fiction #Drama #Holocaust #War

    Nominated by:
    Aaliyah A.
    7th Grade, Federal Way Public Academy

    Aaliyah shares:
    “I have read this book in the past, but I never really appreciated how well it was written and the story in general until recently. I love the innocence and love the main character has for his friend and it really puts things into perspective of how things were in the holocaust. I love this book so much — it’s one of my favorites.” 

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  •  Words on Fire

    Words on Fire

    by Jennifer A. Nielson Year Published: 2019 #Historical #Fiction #War

    Nominated by:
    Emily P.
    7th Grade, Lakota Middle School

    Emily shares:
    “It’s about a book smuggler trying to share books, while not getting caught by the soldiers. I really enjoy historical fiction and it’s a really good book.” 

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  •  Love, Hate, and Other Filters

    Love, Hate, and Other Filters

    by Samira Ahmed Year Published: 2018 #Fiction #Cultural

    Nominated by:
    Milana A.
    8th Grade, Federal Way Public Academy

    Milana shares:
    It’s a very interesting book and is very catchy, fun, and sad at the same time!” 

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  •  The Divergent


    by Veronica Roth Year Published: 2011 #Fiction #Adventure #SciFi #Utopian #Dystopian

    Nominated by:
    Hailey B.
    8th Grade, Kilo Middle School

    Hailey shares:
    "The Divergent is about a society that is separated into five factions. One sixteen-year-old Abnegation girl named Beatrice Prior struggles to conform to just one way of living and has to decide who she is and how she wants to spend the rest of her life. This book is just amazing in every way. I completely fell in love with this series and have bonded with friends over this book. Divergent also has a good positive message in it too: Don’t be afraid to be different, different is a good thing.” 

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  •  The Hobbit

    The Hobbit, or There and Back Again

    by J.R.R. Toklien Year Published: 1937 #Fantasy #Fiction #SciFi #Adventure #Classic

    Nominated by:
    Ianik B.
    8th Grade, Federal Way Public Academy

    Ianik shares:
    “It is very interesting, exciting, and fun to read.” 

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  •  You've Reached Sam

    You've Reached Sam

    by Duston Thao Year Published: 2021 #Fiction #Novel #Coming-of-Age

    Nominated by:
    Jelilah F.
    8th Grade, Sequoyah Middle School

    Jelilah shares:
    “It’s very sad, amazing details, and could even have some points where you can have some sort of relation to it.” 

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Recommended by Scholars in High School

  •  The Hunger Games (Book Series)

    The Hunger Games (Book Series)

    by Suzanne Collins Year Published: 2008-2010; 2020 #Fiction #Utopian #Dystopian #SciFi #Action #Drama

    Nominated by:
    Odessa V.
    9th Grade, Federal Way Public Academy

    Gabriela shares:
    “It’s exciting and I always get surprised. I love the character depth and the intense plot. It’s amazing!”

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  •  Wage-Labour and Capital

    Wage-Labour and Capital: Value, Price, and Profit

    by Karl Marx Year Published: 1849 #Economics #Educational

    Nominated by:
    Josiah T.
    10th Grade, Todd Beamer High School

    Josiah shares:
    “This book is the foundation for Marx’s economic theories, and goes over topics such as the relation of wage labour to capital, labour power, etc. This is my favorite book simply because of how it furthers the ideas I currently have about this subject, while also helping to support and bring about new ideas.” 

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  •  I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

    I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

    by Erika Sánchez Year Published: 2017 #Fiction #Cultural

    Nominated by:
    Celeste G.
    11th Grade, Thomas Jefferson High School

    Celeste shares:
    “It talks about how a teenage Mexican girl doesn’t like to fit into her family’s ‘perfect Mexican daughter’ stereotypes. She struggles with her mental health and other deep topics. I love this book because I can relate to some of the things the girl goes through. I also like to read books that talk about deep topics that aren’t talked about a lot.” 

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  •  Jane Eyre

    Jane Eyre

    by Charlotte Brontë Year Published: 1847 #Romance #Novel #Fiction

    Nominated by:
    Nina-Symone W.
    11th Grade, Todd Beamer High School

    Nina-Symone shares:
    “This is my favorite book of the year because it makes one feel deep emotions and there is no middle ground. Moreover, though Jane was disadvantaged from the very start of her birth, she maintains a pure heart filled with love. And, although she lacks big dreams and is not ambitious, she proved that she’s incredibly capable. At the end, she gets the life that she truly deserves. Beautiful book that provokes the deepest thoughts and emotions.” 

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  •  Pitch Dark

    Pitch Dark

    by Courtney Alameda Year Published: 2018 #SciFi #Horror #Adventure

    Nominated by:
    Ellie R.
    11th Grade, Federal Way High School

    Ellie shares:
    It’s about the future and the past crashing into each other in space shuttles. Every chapter, it switches between two points of views — Laura and Tuck. One from the future, one from the past. There are monsters, a hacker, and a journey through the depths of the spaceship. I love it because it entails romance, thrill, and horror. I love how well the author captures the scenes and people and puts them into words. It’s just a really fun adventure!” 

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  •  The Glass Castle

    The Glass Castle

    by Jeanette Walls Year Published: 2005 #Memoir

    Nominated by:
    Selenne F.
    11th Grade, Decatur High School

    Selenne shares:
    “The Glass Castle is a memoir of Jeanette Walls, the author, and her childhood. It has themes of toxic family dynamics, values, and faith in others. The imagery is unbelievably well done, and it doesn’t drag on and never gets boring.” 

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  •  The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

    The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

    by Beck Chambers Year Published: 2014 #SciFi

    Nominated by:
    Joey W.
    12th Grade, Career Academy at Truman Campus

    Joey shares:
    “It is a futuristic sci-fi book where the main character escapes her old, sheltered life and finds adventure in the vast galaxy. The real draw is the diverse set of characters, all of which have intriguing development arcs. I love the implementation of the progressive diversity, where none of the characters feels like the virtue signals or stereotypes, but instead like real people. Even though it’s a sci-fi book, it draws from actual theoretical physics to explain the futuristic technology which I’m always a fan of.” 

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  •  The Science of Our Changing Planet

    The Science of Our Changing Planet: From Global Warming to Sustainable Development

    by Tony Juniper Year Published: 2021 #Educational

    Nominated by:
    Lorel R.
    12th Grade, Thomas Jefferson High School

    Lorel shares:
    “The vast range of issues affecting our environment within this book truly encompasses how intertwined and corrupt our relationship with earth is. Now more than ever, it is important to recognize and combat these damaging practices but also touch on the solutions we already have which we need to prioritize to heal our planet. I believe this insight should be accessible to everyone, and for Juniper to compile all these critical matters into one engaging work is extremely valuable. People need to be educated on this subject that concerns all of us, for the fate of our future, and particularly our youth, depends on it.” 

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  •  Kafka on the Shore

    Kafka on the Shore

    by Haruki Murakami Year Published: 2002 #Fantasy #Fiction #Realism #Novel

    Nominated by:
    Preston B.
    12th Grade, Thomas Jefferson High School

    Preston shares:
    The story blew me away at first due to its complexity, it really was unlike anything I have ever read before. Every chapter switches between the two protagonists, and their stories feel connected even though they never interact. The themes of consciousness and unconsciousness are presented through bizarre events the characters experience. This character wasn't shoved in for representation, the author just felt that a man with gender dysphoria would have been interesting to add. The writing is incredible as well! There's a graphic scene in one of Nakata's chapters where he witnesses a man eating a cat. The writing was so vivid I could smell the iron and hear the sounds of this scene, and I had begun to feel lightheaded. This doesn't feel like a book where you could "find yourself" or relate to the characters, but there are some elements that feel so comfortable to read I sometimes forget that fact. I could seriously write forever about this book and why it’s my favorite!” 

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  •  Mistborn: The Well of Ascension

    Mistborn (Book Series)

    by Brandon Sanderson Year Published: 2006-2008 #Fantasy #Fiction #Magical

    Nominated by:
    Zoe B.
    12th Grade, Todd Beamer High School

    Zoe shares:
    “It’s about a girl named Vin who teams up with a group of thieves and scammers to overthrow a tyrant who’s ruled for 1000 years. Very, very good book. The author is fantastic, the system of magic in the book is very specific and rule-based, and overall, the plot and the story is exciting and entertaining throughout the entire trilogy. There are things referenced in book 3 that were set up in book 1, which is impressive for planning. 

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