• All seniors must complete a High School and Beyond Plan in order to graduate per WA State law. 


    Components of the High School and Beyond Plan in MaiaLearning-Check out this video on how to complete these components

    Interest Profiler-In the Character section of MaiaLearning

    Career List-Add 3 careers by clicking the checkbox then your action button to add to list

    2023-24 Financial Aid-Either FAFSA or WASFA. Which form? Click HERE for additonal Financial Aid help and resources.

    Apply to 1-3 Post-High School Pathways-College, Military, Apprenticeship, Workforce

    Apply for a minimum of 1 scholarship-FWPS Scholarship Guide

    Create or Upload a Resume-You can create a resume in MaiaLearning in the Portfolio section.

    Request one or more letters of recommendation and fill out the Senior Recommendation Profile to give to your recommenders. They will need at least two weeks' notice for recommendations.

    Complete the Career Plan Essay-Check out the video on the FWPS-CCR website

    Submit 15 hours of Community Service-check VolunteerMatch for local opportunities. Fill out the Community Service Log  and add to Experiences under the Portfolio section of MaiaLearning. Click HERE for FWPS Community Service Resources. Watch this VIDEO to see how to log your hours into MaiaLearning.

    Upload your Post-High School Acceptance

    Complete your Senior Exit Survey (April/May 2023)

    Complete your Senior Clearance Form and pay fines in order to walk at graduation