Levy Renewal 2022

  • We have received the news our Educational Programs & Operations (EP&O) levy and Tech levy have officially passed!

    The EP&O levy at 52.27% YES votes (10,030) compared to 47.73% NO (9,158), and the Tech Levy with 56.78% YES votes (10,892) compared to 43.22% NO (8,292) for a total of 19,262 ballots counted. Levies require a 50 percent plus one voter approval.

    As you already know, the passage of these two levies continues essential funding beyond what the state provides for staffing, services, programs, and technology to support our scholars across 37 school sites. This investment in our scholars’ future is appreciated and will continue to support the success of each-and-every scholar.

    Thanks to those of you who put so much time and effort in ensuring our families and community were informed about the renewal of these two levies!

Levies Help Our District Do More

  • Why Do We Need Levies?

    Local levies are critical to school districts as they cover essential education programs and enrichment opportunities that are not funded by the state. Though we were fortunate to receive one-time ESSER funding to help offset the financial impacts of the pandemic, this one-time funding cannot sustain essential programming and staff long-term. The EP&O and Tech Levies fuel our ability to provide scholars with ongoing equitable opportunities. 

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EP&O Levy Renewal Logo
  • EP&O Levy Renewal

    Since 1980, Federal Way voters have continuously supported and renewed funding of the EP&O Levy.  

    The EP&O levy is approximately 8% of our overall budget, and funds essential programs and staff beyond what the state provides. 


    The four year replacement EP&O Levy will continue to provide critical funding for: 

    Essential School Support Staff:

    • Nurses
    • Custodians
    • Security Officers
    • Career and College Specialists
    • Curriculum Support Specialists
    • Paraeducators
    • Library A/V Techs
    • Counselors
    • and more

    Essential Programs and Services including:

    • Athletics and Activities
    • Music 
    • Special Education
    • English Language Learner (ELL)
    • Basic Education 
Tech Levy Renewal Logo
  • Tech Levy Renewal

    Since 2004, Federal Way voters have continuously supported and renewed funding of the Tech Levy. 

    The six year replacement Tech Levy will ensure support student learning with: 


    Continued Student Technology Access 

    • Increase and refresh student devices 
    • Increase classroom interactive presentation stations 
    • Integrate WA Educational Technology Standards 
    • Increase STEM and STEAM Project-Based Learning experiences for all scholars 

    Teacher Devices and Professional Development 

    • Provide WA Ed Tech Standard training for personalized learning experiences 
    • Introduce school-based tech coaching model for co-teaching, integrated lessons, and training 
    • Increase STEM/STEAM and Project-Based Learning afterschool and summer programs 

    Infrastructure and Software Maintenance and Upgrades 

    • Maintain reliable technology infrastructure and supports 
    • Update fiver and wiring for high-speed internet to out-of-date school sites 
    • Refresh server equipment and systems 
    • Complete cyber, network, and data security updates for safe online environments and to protect against internet attacks 

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What happens if property values increase?

  • Who can I speak with for more information about the proposed levies?

Are you Interested in Serving on the Pro or Con Committee?

  • Federal Way Public Schools is seeking applications from citizens interested in being appointed to a committee to write the for/against statements for the King County Local Voters' Pamphlet related to these two levies. Those interested should send their name, address, phone number, and which position they represent to Ashley Murphy at ashmurphy@fwps.org by Friday, December 3, 2021.