2021 DiscoverU Week

  • Oct. 11-15, 2021, PreK-12th grade scholars will participate in an annual week of college and career activities called DiscoverU.

    Students will participate in activities that help them explore their career interests. They will also learn about the education and skills needed to reach their career goals. Throughout the week, scholars will hear about college and career opportunities through a daily theme.

    This year’s themes are:

    • Discover Local Jobs - Monday
      Explore career options in our region by connecting with professionals from different careers and sharing information about the current and future job market.
    • Lead your Community - Tuesday
      Learn about community-oriented career opportunities that can make a positive impact in our neighborhoods and beyond.
    • Classroom to Career - Wednesday
      Connect how what is done in school can be applied to future careers, learn about career pathways, and what skills and experience are needed to pursue them.
    • College Gear Day - Thursday
      Participate in a day that promotes college by learning about the college experience and post-secondary options. We invite all scholars to wear school or college gear!
    • Flash Forward Friday - Friday
      Share visions for the future.

    This is an excellent opportunity to talk with your child about what they’re learning during the week and how it applies to what they may want to do in the future.

    To learn more about DiscoverU, please visit. If you'd like FWPS to share of your student from DiscoverU week, send photos to socialmedia@fwps.org.