Phases and Next Steps

  • Phase 1 Summer

    In the summer of 2021, FWPS will offer many summer supports and programs as part of Phase 1 of our Recovery Plan. Scholars will be invited to attend sessions using a data-driven process.

    These offerings will fall in three main areas of focus:
    • academic learning
    • supporting the whole child
    • enrichment opportunities.

    These programs will be a mixture of in-person and remote activities and will expand upon programs we have offered in the past. All scholars will receive summer learning packets, current online programs, and have access to Channel 21 programming in grade K-5.

    With a focus on engagement throughout the summer, in addition to academic learning, offerings have an emphasis on movement, the arts, and technology. We have enhanced our coding programming and are extending the opportunities with both Sphero and First Lego league. Scholars are selected for these opportunities using a data-driven enrollment process focused on ensuring equity, access, and inclusion.

    Phase 1 Early Fall

    Phase 1 of our planning addresses the academic and well-being needs of scholars for our return to school in the fall. Using data to drive our decisions and plans, we will provide universal supports for ALL scholars as well as strategic supports for SOME or a FEW scholars. Universal supports for ALL will include intentional standards-aligned instruction, Social/Emotional Learning, small group instruction, and providing access to technology.

    Additional supports will be provided to scholars who are identified as needing more than what is being provided to all. Some may receive academic tutoring, while others may access mental health supports. School teams will utilize data, inclusive of teacher feedback and input to make recommendations for supports that are provided to some or few scholars to support them in both academics and with their social well-being

    Diagnostic assessments will be used to identify needs for both academics and well-being and will include many familiar assessments such as WaKIDS, IRLA, iReady, WIDA, SBA, and OSPI’s Literacy Skill Screeners for Dyslexia. Panorama surveys and Student COVID Impact surveys will identify needs for scholar well-being.

    Next Steps

    Moving forward, Phase 2 of the FWPS Academic and Student Well-Being Recovery Plan will be submitted to the state in November. We will build upon our Phase 1 plan using data analysis and scholar and family voice to drive our next steps.

    • Phase 2 will focus on longer-term improvements and interventions and supports to accelerate scholar learning and well-being.
    • Phase 3 will be submitted to the state in the spring and will target our efforts to accelerate learning and provide innovative programs that address scholar needs.