Our Recovery Plan - Overview

  • All school districts in the State of Washington are required submit Phase 1 of our Academic and Student Well-Being Recovery Plan to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) by June 1, 2021. This plan is designed to show our efforts, planning, and supports to address the impact COVID-19 school closures have had on our scholars’ academics and well-being.
    This includes our immediate summer supports and our long-term planning to accelerate scholar learning and improve scholar social and emotional health.

    With a thread of equity running throughout, our recovery plan is based in five major themes that have driven our planning and guided our work to develop supports for all scholars. Those themes are:

    • Student Well-being
    • Student and Family Voice
    • Recovery and Acceleration
    • Assessment
    • Professional Learning

    Our plan is informed by scholar and family voice, which has been captured through advisories with the superintendent, principals, and SOAR (Scholars Organized Against Racism) groups. Feedback has also been provided through committees and focus panels. This feedback has provided insight into scholar needs as well as what has worked during remote instruction that should be carried forward into our Recovery Plan.