• Scholar Advisory Recap

    March 6, 2023


    Present: Mr. Lurker, Armani, Roxy, Sharon, Charlie, Meilani, Evanelly, Isabela, Kande, Sofia, Piper, Grace

    Absent: Alessandro, Abigail


    How do you like to learn best? What have been some of your favorite learning activities this year?

    • “20 cards” math card game (using playing cards)
    • Four Corners – pick a corner of the room that has the answer you pick
    • Eating snacks during IRLA because it helps me focus
    • Learning about square units and using tiles to help build the area
    • Learning about 3 and 4 digit numbers and the meaning of their place values (using number lines, number bonds, a vertical number line)
    • XtraMath
    • Making learning into a game
    • Jeopardy with learning topic/subject
    • Word Wall (computer app/game)


    What do you want to share most at your SLC?

    • How we’re doing in reading, writing, math and how to help us more at home
    • Talk about how to do more reading, writing, and math at home because some people don’t do their homework
    • Show work that I have passed and done well on; assessments I got a 4 on; I want my SLC to be well-planned, so there is not awkward silence
    • My iReady scores and growth from fall to winter on diagnostic


    What ideas do you have for a community outreach project?

    • Clean up activity of some sort
    • Share information with families about cleaning up different areas of our community, such as beaches that need cleaning
    • Planting trees
    • Club for cleaning up the earth
    • A clothes drive


    Did you attend multicultural night? Do you plan to attend Literacy Night on Thursday?

    • 5 out of 11 attended multicultural night
    • 7 out of 11 plan to attend literacy night on Thursday


    What did you enjoy about multicultural night?

    • Trying different foods
    • The clothes that people wore
    • The posters of the different countries
    • The flags in the courtyard
    • The cultural games


    Idea to recognize scholars:

    • Class Ambassadors: a safe, respectful, and responsible bullfrog scholar to support scholars new to Mark Twain


    Scholar Advisory Notes

    January 17, 2023


    Present: Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Lurker, Roxy, Alessandro, Armani, Sharon, Charlie, Meilani, Piper, Grace, Isabela, Kande, Evanely, Sofia


    What is a goal?

    -Something you want to do

    -Something you achieve

    -Something you’re trying to get to

    -Trying to achieve, accomplish something


    What goals have you had at school or at home?

    -To be a teacher when I grow up.

    -Educate people about animals and harmful chemicals

    -Be an artist to paint

    -Be a YouTuber

    -A sport; learning to catch a ball, soccer, basketball, hockey goal, cheerleading, martial arts

    -To get to Purple (IRLA)

    -Get better in math, maybe fractions, multiplying fractions/decimals

    -Get better at volleyball

    -To be an artist (joined both school and outside clubs)


    What school/iReady goals do you have?

    -Reading goals—IRLA power goal

    -Get better at math; know multiplication and division

    -iReady growth—wanted to grow “a lot”

    -iReady diagnostic—go from 500 to 600

    -Packet to track iReady growth in class (1 out of 3 4th graders did this in class)

    -5th graders set a goal for their next/final diagnostic after completing winter diagnostic (3 out of 3 fifth grade classes did this)


    How’s recess (grades 2/3 only had time to provide feedback for this question)?

    -Some inappropriate games; games with hitting/touch; reteaching for appropriate gestures/movement

    -Some need to watch where they’re going

    -Some boys saying girls cannot play soccer; reteaching expectations around kindness and acceptance

    -Desired equipment: hula hoops

    -Refresh the rule for bars (take turns)

    -Kid-sized soccer goals


    Next Scholar Advisory: February 21, 2023

    Scholar Advisory Notes

    October 18, 2022

    Present: Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Lurker, Armani, Abigail, Meliani, Roxy, Charles, Sharon, Evanelly, Isabela, Kande, Sofia, Grace 

    Morning Assembly Feedback

    -Student of the day: could be the announcer or select scholar scout for the day

    -Sharon, Roxy: scout role to start; rotate role over time, weekly

    -Charlie to give silent signal at the end

    -Sofia and Grace willing to speak; advisors to start speaking. Difficult to hear at times when others announce lunch so scholar advisors may do 

    What makes you feel welcomed/safe at school?

    -Know that teachers care about us

    -Teachers are all around the school

    -The teachers, friends


    How do you like to be greeted in the morning?

    -Morning hug

    -Choices: say good morning, morning hug, or fist bump

    -Knowing the schedule for the day in the morning

    -Journals with an assigned topic; sharing their writing

    -Reading, assignments

    -Songs in the morning, singing

    -Elbow bump greeting

    -High fives

    What is your favorite classroom activity so far?


    -IRLA, reading

    -Class games


    -Morning journal writing with a provided topic and sharing what they wrote

    -Morning class community pledge

    -Reading library books

    Do you know your IRLA level/Power Goal?

    Grades 2/3: 6 out of 6 know IRLA levels; 3 out of 6 know their Power Goal.

    Grades 4/5: 5 out of 5 know IRLA levels; 4 out of 5 know their Power Goal.

    Do you have opportunities for student talk in your classroom, such as turn and talks or small groups?

    Grades 2/3: 5 out of 6 students identified having student talk time in class

    Grades 2/3: Type of talk in classes: small groups/teams, turn/talk partners, whole group/morning meetings, talk with friends

    Grades 4/5: 5 out of 5 students identified having student talk time in class

    Grades 4/5: Table groups/teams for discussion, turn and talk partners within their groups/elbow partners (structured partner talk); sometimes they do groups

    Crazy Hat Day: Friday, November 4th

    Next Scholar Advisory Lunch Bunch: Tuesday, November 15th




    Scholar Advisory Sept. 27, 2022


    Present: Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Lurker, Alessandro (Rhoden), Armani (Espinosa), Abigail (Pineda), Meilani (Richardson), Roxy (Duhon), Charles (Swenson), Sharon (Wetzel), Piper (Willoughby), Sofia (Candaso), Khukula (Sub-Hogg), Isabela (Nowakowski), Kande (Williams), Grace (Yumo)


    Spirit Day Votes

    Votes for Crazy Hat, Crazy Hair, or Twin Day: Twin, crazy hair, crazy hat, twin, twin, twin, crazy hair, twin, twin/crazy hat



    Spirit Day Ideas

    • Read Around The Room Day
    • Crazy Clothes Day
    • Bring-Everything-but-a-Backpack Day
    • Dress up Day
    • Pajama Day
    • Disney Day
    • Pinata Day with Candy
    • Cotton Candy Day
    • Anime Day
    • Backwards/Opposite Day
    • Sleeping Day


    PBIS Rodeo: What went well?

    • Playground expectations: good reminder
    • Lunch expectations
    • Bus expectations
    • Where to go and not to go; what it looks like to be safe, respectful, responsible in different spots
    • We were quiet and listening; we learned more about respect.
    • People from last year could help review expectations for school
    • New scholars learned about our school’s expectations


    PBIS Rodeo Feedback

    • Review classroom expectations during rodeo
    • Emphasize walking in the courtyard and staying on the path (not walking through the courtyard)
    • Student helpers during the rodeo
    • Discuss not vandalizing school property


    Favorite Classroom Activities So Far

    • Go Noodles – outlet for getting wiggles out
    • Going to playground during PBIS rodeo
    • Legends of learning, math, reading
    • PE
    • Science
    • Prodigy
    • Specialists: games, fun
    • Identity web

    Scholar Advisory Jan 27, 2022

    Attendance: P., M., P., D., G., E., H., S., S., G., K., T., E., J., M., Mrs. Johnson; Mrs. Dahl, Mr. Lurker - 

    Panorama Data: Student Well Being

    What could be contributing to challenging feelings?

    • iReady gave a hard lesson.
    • Math is hard.
    • Parents are divorced.
    • My brother makes fun of me.
    • House is messy and I have to help clean.
    • I have to cook at home.
    • Pressure from parents; parents pushing too hard.
    • Siblings can be annoying and distracting.

    What makes you have positive feelings?

    • Getting the answers correct.
    • Getting words right when tested.
    • Taking care of my little sister.
    • Understanding what I am learning.
    • Supportive relationships with friends and family

    Black History Month

    • Highlighted during Bullfrog Assemblies each week in February
    • Looking for scholars to speak about influential figures in the assembly
    • Themes for influential figures: current today, education, science/exploration, sports/courage
    • Scholars to share why the individual is influential to them and others
    • Scholar volunteers: P., P., S., E., J., C., M., C.

    4/5 Recess Debrief

    • not sharing the chalk
    • Using chalk to draw lines and not allowing people to cross into “their” space
    • other classes taking equipment
    • others spreading rumors
    • arguing with friends at recess
    • physical contact/fighting

    Scholar Advisory Nov, 22, 2021

    Attendance: P., M., P., D., G., E., H., S., S., G., K., T., E., J., M., Mrs. Johnson; Mrs. Dahl, Mr. Lurker -  


    How are you engaging in your classroom?

    • Working in groups
    • Listening actively
    • Math talks every morning
    • Using ten blocks, fingers, counting in my head—using math manipulatives
    • Doing iReady lesson (some have computers but no internet at home to do iReady)
    • Using algorithms to add, subtract, multiply, and divide
    • Reading books about human rights
    • Partner work, learning from each other
    • Learning about Olympia, Washington during social studies
    • Completing iReady lessons

    What helps you learn?

    • Math manipulatives
    • Algorithms and other strategies
    • Charts in the classroom
    • Listening (eyes watching, ears listening)
    • Interesting books
    • iReady lessons
    • Teamwork

    How do you know you belong in your class?

    • Following safety rules
    • People support me
    • Feeling safe because other students are helping
    • Others help correct my mistakes
    • Asking questions to help understand
    • The teacher
    • Classmates helping me do my work
    • Being capable of helping others learn
    • Others asking questions
    • Teachers explaining others’ thinking

    What do you think causes playground issues?

    • Understanding the rules
    • Some kids picking on others
    • People have insecurities
    • Tag—causes fights
    • Fighting; rumors and drama
    • People talking about other people, which causes drama
    • Leaving recess zones and others telling them to go back and they won’t
    • People using bad language
    • Not including others
    • Getting others involved in situations when they don’t need to be
    • Accidents and others thinking it was on purpose
    • Spinners and swings: taking turns

    Assemblies: helping lead Pledge of Allegiance and anti-bullying message: Martina, Seina, Eva


    Scholar Advisory – October 26, 2021

     Grades 2/3 & Grades 4/5 Lunch Bunches


    Attendance: Principal Johnson, Assistant Principal Lurker, Mrs. Dahl, Mrs. Thomas, M., P., D., G., E., P., H., S., S., G., A., T., E., J., & M.


    What recess equipment would you like to see outside?

    • Footballs
    • Basketballs
    • Soccer balls
    • Jump ropes
    • Hula hoops
    • Lower basketball hoops
    • Nerf balls
    • Building blocks
    • Sidewalk Chalk

    What would you like to see during Bullfrog Assemblies? Would you like to speak at assemblies?

    • Bullying prevention
    • Staying in recess zones & how to be safe in them
    • Bathroom expectations

    What does it mean to you to feel safe in your classroom?

    • Locked doors and closed blinds
    • Don’t open the door for strangers; safety training
    • Answering questions – feel safe to answer them – it’s okay to make mistakes
    • Having adults at recess that they trust to go to for help
    • Using supplies correctly
    • Wear your face mask
    • Walking feet
    • Stay in your recess zone
    • Keeping your body to yourself; keeping your hands on your own belongings
    • Practice social distancing, especially during groups
    • Staying in your assigned seat (cafeteria and classroom)

    PBIS Store: What prizes did you get or are you saving up for?

    • A tattoo
    • Wall climbers
    • Slinky
    • Sticky hand and bubbles
    • Plushies
    • Fidget spinners
    • Pop It
    • Chips – Spicy

    What do you know about recess zones?

    • Playing with friends from class
    • Hard to stay in zone – not sure where zones are
    • Favorite zone? Zone 7: Big Toy, Zone 1: Swings, Zone 6: Uneven Bars
    • Scholars ask the teacher if we do not know their zone
    • Teachers remind them of their zone before recess
    • Feel safe going to an adult for help

    What is your favorite memory from this school year so far?

    • Making our own hats
    • Making a “When I Grow Up” Poster (Discover U)
    • Leaf art project
    • Making pumpkins
    • Making backpacks
    • Learning at school
    • Scholar Advisory
    • Writing
    • Morning journal – writing poems

     Scholars have a letter to give to their families to sign and return with their t-shirt size.

     Next Meeting: November 22nd

    Scholar Advisory Meeting- 6/9 Grades 2-5

    Scholar Advisory

    June 9, 2021

     Attendance: Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Lurker, Mr. Fleming, Mrs. Dahl, Ms. Godina, S., P., W., S., M. 

    What are you looking forward to learning next year?

    • New things in 5th grade; learn 5th grade math
    • Geometry
    • More science
    • Writing “all the paragraphs” – I love writing!
    • Seeing friends; going to recess and playing with my friends 

    What are you looking forward to this summer?

    • Grandma is coming in June from Ecuador, and I haven’t seen her for a long time. My cousin’s dog had puppies and is giving me one.
    • Travel and see my grandmother, who I haven’t seen since I was 5. She lives in Romania. We’re going camping, and my favorite part is sleeping outside.
    • Travel to Oregon to visit some places and travel with my grandma.
    • My birthday is in June!
    • Others have summer birthdays too.  
    • Reading my books 2 times each
    • Yardwork/gardening
    • Listen to music and singing aloud
    • Singing/dancing to Macarena, “I Like to Move It” songs 

    Do you have a book you’re excited to read this summer?

    • Avatar
    • Series: Bad Guys (I’m a ginormous fan of the series)
    • Tales of Bunjitsu Bunny
    • Wings of Fire series (started reading it because of BoB!)
    • Dog Man series
    • Dork Diaries series
    • A book from a Youtuber called FGTeeV
    • Babysitters Club series
    • Library books! 

    Scholars mentioned they had fun at Scholar Advisory and enjoyed contributing to our school.   

    Next Meeting: 2021-2022 School Year! 

    Go Bullfrogs!

    Scholar Advisory Meeting- 5/26 Grades 2-5

    Scholar Advisory



    Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Lurker, Mr. Fleming, Mrs. Dahl, Ms. Godina, S., E., G., S., M., S., T., P., A., J. and W. 


    What went well?

    • Really good
    • Really fun
    • Math Bingo was the BEST
    • I enjoyed it, a lot
    • ELA was challenging in our room (4/5) because I didn’t know all of the answers
    • I got to see my friends
    • ELA Bingo was really fun (2/3)
    • Snacks! The candy was awesome
    • Solving math was fun

    Do you have suggestions for community events that we could do next year at school?

    • Zoom meeting where we can discuss about what we do over the summer
    • Math and spelling games
    • Art Fair
    • Science Fair
    • Math competition
    • Spelling contest

    Scholars to represent Scholar Advisory at the next Bullfrog Assembly:

    TOPIC: Recap of Scholar Advisory with Dr. Campbell

    • P.
    • G.
    • W.
    • S.
    • T. 

    Final Scholar Advisory Lunch Bunch: June 9th 12:00-12:30

    Scholar Advisory Meeting- 5/12 Grades 2-5

    Scholar Advisory



    Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Lurker, Mr. Fleming, Mrs. Dahl, Ms. Godina, U., E., G., S., M., S., T., P., and W. 

    What has remote learning been like for you?

    • Good and bad at the same time; good because I kept learning and safe in my home. Bad because I miss my friends and teachers
    • Good because I could learn at home and learn everything
    • Good because I get to stay home and go everywhere with my mom. I have been staying home and having fun with my friends.
    • Easy and hard. It’s hard because I miss my friends and family. I want to see my friends, teacher, and classroom in person. It’s nice because you don’t have to leave your house and you just go on your computer.
    • I go on my laptop and go to class.

    What has worked best for you in remote learning?

    • I can still go to school when I’m sick.
    • Learning how to use the computer and typing
    • I get to have home lunches.
    • Learning online has been good for me because I can practice math and reading anytime I want.

    What do you want our school to know or to do as we go back to in-person learning?

    • Do more online stuff (like Kahoot)
    • iReady reading/English, do art, learn more about what we don’t already know
    • Water the plants
    • Lunch bunches
    • More hours of learning in school (compared to the current model of 2.15 hours)

    If there were no obstacles, what would you design into the school day that maybe doesn’t exist yet?

    • Drama class
    • Learn about the life of a frog
    • Get real bullfrogs 

    PBIS Store 100+ Frog Slip Items Brainstorm

    • Frog plushy
    • Classroom pet
    • Art/crafts
    • Custom backpack 

    Dr. Campbell wants to meet with scholar advisors. Scholars have green Mark Twain Scholar Advisor shirts that they will wear to the meeting. 

                      Date: May 26th



    Scholar Advisory Meeting- 4/28 Grades 2-5.

    Meeting Notes: 


    Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Fleming, Ms. Godina, Mrs. Dahl, W., S., M., S., & C. 

    Question of the Day: What’s your favorite way to exercise?  

    • Running
    • Jumping Jacks
    • Sit ups
    • Hiking
    • Swimming
    • Hula-Hooping
    • Racing (running) 

    What does diversity mean?

    • Different

    What do you know about cultural identity?

    • It is where you come from.
    • It is who you are.
    • You should be proud of your cultural identity and who you are.

    How can it make one feel connected to others and/or separated from others?

    • Connected if you have the same religion.
    • It can make you feel separated from others if you come from different cultures and they think you are weird.

    Why is cultural identity important?

    • Because it makes us different in our own ways.
    • It makes you who you are…for example…food, celebrations-like in Mexico they have Cinco de Mayo

    How can we promote culture and valuing our differences

    • When a holiday occurs in a different country we can do something to celebrate it.

    DOJO and PBIS Store Feedback:

    • Last year I liked standing in the long line with my frog slips to get my prizes
    • It is confusing this year with the links
    • Need a schedule
    • Prizes are hard to pick up if you are Remote
    • It would be helpful to have a “button” on our Canvas page to click
    • Calendar showing the date

    Scholar Advisory Meeting- 4/14 Grades 2-5.

    Meeting Notes: 


    Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Fleming, Ms. Godina, W., S. & M. 


    Panorama Survey Conversation:

    • Some kids might be uncomfortable or scared to answer the questions honestly when we take the survey at home because we might get in trouble from our parents if they see what we answer. Our answers can be seen by our siblings too.
    • Feel safe doing it “at” school with our teachers.
    • Some kids take it seriously and some just do it to get it done.
    • We think we take it so the school has input on how kids are feeling.
    • When asked how they felt about taking it: thumbs sideways (100%)

    What would you want your teacher to share with your family at SLCs?

    • How we are behaving in class.
    • How we are doing in math and reading.
    • How we are doing overall.
    • If someone is sad or mad in class, so their parents can help them.

    During SLCs who does most of the talking? You or your teacher?

    • 2/3-teacher
    • 1/2- me

    How has the transition to new classes gone?

    • Can be hard because some kids that moved classes have new rules and expectation to learn.
    • Some kids miss their teachers that they had before the switch.
    • There has been a lot of opportunity to talk with friends.
    • The schedule changes have been hard. Specialists, Scholar Advisory, small groups….
    • Specialists are not as full.

    Scholar Advisory Meeting- 3/31 Grades 2-5.

    Meeting Notes:  


    Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Dahl, Mr. Lurker, Mr. Fleming, Ms. Godina, Students E., P, W, S, G, M, M, A & T 


    Students L, U, J, S, S, M, & Z 

    What color do you think the new roof on the covered play structure should be?







    Career Readiness

    Do you have opportunities in class to talk about your life after high school?

    • 0/7 (2 scholars were late and missed this) Do you talk about life after high school at home? What does that look like?
    • “During lunch time I share with my mom what I want to be when I grow up and she gives me her opinion.”
    • I have to focus on getting into a good college and save money to pay for it. I share with my uncle.”
    • “I talk at dinner about being a marine biologist.”
    • “I want to be a chef after high school, but I don’t talk at home about it.”
    • “I talk at home. I want to be a doctor, so I can help people. There are so many options.” 

    Would you like time in class to explore careers and colleges?

    • Yes! 

    What do you need to achieve your career goals?

    • “I have to go to college. So I need information about how to get in.”
    • Information about how to become a doctor.”
    • I need to learn about different careers.”
    • “How to graduate first.”
    • “Learn more about working hard on math and reading.” 

    Is there anything we need to know? 

    • “I feel good about being back at school.”